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Tostada de Tinga - €4
A crunchy deep fried tortilla topped by refried ranchero beans and chicken in a spicy chipotle sauce

Jalapeños Rellenos - €4.80
4 deep fried spicy jalapeño peppers filled with melted cheese and accompanied by homemade guacamole

Ensalada "Mexico Lindo" - €5.50
Sliced avocado, tomato and mexican cotija cheese over a green salad
With added tuna - €5.90

Quesadillas - €5.90
2 grilled tortillas of melted cheese with your choice of shredded chicken, chorizo sausage or tuna

Coctel de Gambas estilo Mejicano (prawn cocktail) - €6.80
Prawns in a mild tomato, lime and tabasco sauce with fresh avocado

Aguacate Ensenada - €6.80
2 halves of fresh avocado topped by flaked tuna in natural yoghurt with hrseradish

Tostada Noruega - €6.80
A crunchy deep fried tortila topped by slices of fresh smoke salmon on a base of guacamole with chili

Piel de Papa - €7.50
4 potato skins, 2 filled with Texas style "chili con carne", 2 filled with refried beans, all topped with grated cheese

Plato para compartir (a plate for 2 to share) - €10.50
2 potato skins, 2 cheese filled jalapeños, a quesadilla with chorizo sausage, nacho chips, prawns in Emma's mildly spiced seafood saucee, and guacamole

Alitas y Costillas - €10.50
4 chicken wings and a rack of pork ribs both smothered in Emma's smokey barbecue sauce accompanied by nacho chips topped by melted cheese and chopped jalapeños

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