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Nipped down here for dinner last night, I usually go here when the kids are over as they don't all like curry and Meson cafe have a European menu as well so James can have some pasta or something else, but as I was in the mood for a curry last night, but had no intentions of cooking my own I decided to call in here.

I've been a few times now and always get a friendly welcome, I arrived at around 7.30 and the place wasn't very busy, but filled up steadily while I was there, Meson Cafe is right on the strip so I prefer to sit a little further back, was chatting away to one of the waiters and after ordering curry was really chuffed to hear a couple of tourists sat next to me say that they were quite surprised at someone Spanish ordering curry!  My Spanish may not be good enough to fool the locals, but I managed to convince a couple of Brit tourists.

After sorting out the important stuff (2 bottles of Cobra, a pint glass and a couple of popadums) I had a look through the menu, the prawn puri here is great and I went with that as a starter, it was fantastic as always.  I usually have the Goan fish curry done to madras strength, but fancied something a bit different so I went for the "lamb pepper fry" with pilau rice and a peshwari naan, the menu described the lamb pepper fry as hot so I just let it come as was and while it did have a kick to it i think I will ask for it to be done a bit hotter next time, and it is definitely something I will be ordering again.

The staff here are great, they are always chatty and when the kids are over they make a point of talking to them and making just enough fuss of them.

The whole lot, popadums, starter, main, naan and several (I lost count after about 4 or 5) bottles of Cobra came to around €35 which I reckon is a pretty good deal.

The one thing I would say when going for Indian food here is don't expect it to be just like your local curry house down the road in the UK, it won't be, but the food is still great and in some cases better than what is served in the UK.
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Re: Fantastic
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Clanky a great review and you've just inspired me to do a write up of the Tandoor House in Playa Blanca from our last trip (after I've finished the review from last Friday's dinner and the trip to Orzola/La Graciosa but no time now as I've just popped in between chores (mainly gardening) to see what's happening on here...

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Re: Fantastic
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I concur, excellent review. I will be partaking f the cafe meson "experience" come July   
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Re: Fantastic
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same here great review and somewhere thats does Indian as well as food i like is k with me
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Re: Fantastic
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