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Las Vegas - PdC
« on: May 24, 2012, 01:35:42 AM »
Have been meaning to pop in here for ages, finally got round to it tonight.

Las Vegas is situated in the next square along from Friends Bar / The New Londoner chippy, on the Los Pocillios side of the Casino, it has been there for about a year now and as above I have always had good intentions of calling in and giving it a try, but have never quite gotten around to it.

Popped in tonight at last.  As the waiter was obviously Spanish I spoke Spanish to him and he indulged me by replying in Spanish rather than simply reverting to English when my Spanish was obviously so shockingly bad that it couldn't possibly be my first language, in fact, while I was offered the option of a menu in English to start with both waiters humoured me by talking to me in Spanish throughout which was nice.

The welcome was friendly and while there was only one other table occupied when I arrived (around 20:30) the atmosphere / ambiance was quite nice, there are inside and outside tables available and while the square that Las Vegas is in is much nicer than the adjacent square with friends / Arthurs / New londoner etc all vying for space, I still opted for a seat inside.

Went for fish soup and a risotto of garden vegetables and prawns from the menu and a glass of the house dry white (a Lanzarotean Malvasía) which was very nice.  Some bread arrived which was very tasty, I asked if it was home-made and was surprised when I was told that it was bought in, the soup was delicious and a very healthy portion served in a nice big bowl.  The main course when it arrived looked as though it had far too many different things going on for a risotto, but the flavours were fantastic and all the different bits worked very well together, really very good.

I was offered the dessert menu and had a quick look out of politeness, the first thing on the menu was Tiramisu!  Now I have made my views on tiramisu fairly plain on here in the past, and while this may not have been the best tiramisu in the world, it was bloody good, especially when accompanied by a glass of bermejo dessert wine.

An espresso to finish, accompanied by a complimentary chocolate sweetie and a coconut milk thingy brought the total bill to just a few centimos under €30, which for the quality of the food compared to other places is pretty damned good.

They have a kids menu which is fairly limited (spag bol, lasagne and chicken breast), but I am fairly confident that even my fussy little sh1ts will find something they like on the main menu, and if not the kids menu is there as a back-up.
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Re: Las Vegas - PdC
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2012, 10:43:04 AM »
Sounds fab Clanky - thanks for the review! xxx

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Re: Las Vegas - PdC
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*Adds to list*

Thanks for the detailed review, Clankz.

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Re: Las Vegas - PdC
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