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Title: Desserts
Post by: EmmasCantina on April 10, 2009, 13:05:34 PM
Frutos Secos -  uniquely Mexican - 4
House speciality, exclusive to Emma's Cantina
Warm dried fruts cookd in red wine and served with natural yoghurt and crushed walnuts

Platano Frito - 4.90
Caramelized banana "macho" fried in butter and cointreau, topped by melted chocolate and accompanied by caramel ice cream

Crepa de Cajeta - uniquely Mexican - 6
Crepe bathed in liquid toffee, topped by choc 'n' cookies ice cream and crushed walnuts

Brownies - America's favourite dessert - 6
Chocolate sponge brownies bathed in liquid chocolate, served with Tiramisu ice cream

Ice Cream
Vanilla - 1.50 per scoop
Caramel, tiramisu or choc 'n' cookies - 2 per scoop

Lemon Sorbet - 2 per scoop