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El Hierro is the smallest of the seven main Canary Islands… but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in warmth and personality. The people here are extremely friendly, and fiercely proud of their home.


In the year 2000, El Hierro was declared a Biosfera Reserve and a whopping 60% of its surface area is now protected. In 2011, the world watched as a volcano began erupting just 7km off the southern coast… and we waited to see if new land would be formed, and therefore a new Island. Thus far, it hasn’t happened… but scientists are constantly monitoring the seismic activity below the waves. Towards the end of 2012, testing of a hybrid wind/hydro system will begin… setting El Hierro one step closer to becoming the first island in the world to be completely self sufficient for electrical energy.

You can reach El Hierro by ferry, or by air… opening up this charming island to visitors seeking some tranquility. Head down to the seafront in La Restinga, and enjoy a drink or bite to eat in what are the most southerly bars and restaurants in Europe.

This island is extremely Canarian, and you will not find rows of British bars and all day breakfasts on offer. Refreshingly, there is plenty of fabulous seafood on offer… and a number of places offer a “Menú del Día” at reasonable prices. Do also look for the roast chicken paces (usually they will have “Pollo Asado” in their names) and tuck into a juicy freshly roasted chicken.

Valverde, towards the NorthEastern part of the Island is the capital… but do not expect a bustling city! Indeed on our Alan’s recent visit to the Island, he struggled to find a restaurant open on a Saturday night! We still think that was unusual.

There is plenty of lush greenery here, unlike the more eastern Canary Islands, and the island also has its own personal lizard – the El Hierro Gecko… which is unfortunately endangered. Don’t worry about crushing one underfoot by accident though – these little beauties can reach 2 feet long!

Featured bars, restaurants and cafes in El Hierro

Mas Pizza. Los Barriales Nº 4 Local 2

Map of featured bars, restaurants and cafes in El Hierro

Bars, restaurants and cafes in El Hierro

Asadero el Pollo Asado. Calle Las Lajas, 4b. La Frontera
Asador Artero. Artero, 20. Frontera
Bar Restaurante Bohemia. Calle las Playas, 15. Valverde
Brasero San Fleit. Calle Santiago, 18. Valverde
Brisas de Asabanos. Calle Jesús Nazareno, 1. Valverde
Casa Goyo. Carretera General de San Andres, 11. Valverde
Casa Guiana. Ctra Gral.Timijiraque s/n. Timijiraque
Casa Juan. Monteverde, 23. La Restinga
El Parlamento. Calle San Pedro, 5. El Mocanal
El Pozo de La Salud. Pozo de la Salud, 11. El Golfo, Frontera
El Refugio. Calle La Lapa. La Restinga
La Higuera de Abuela. Calle Tajaniscaba. Echedo
La Mirada Profunda. Calle Santiago, 25. Valverde
La Taberna de La Villa. Calle General Rodriguez y Sánchez Espinoza, 10. Valverde
La Vieja Pandorga. Calle Esquina La Lapa, 3. La Restinga
Mar de Las Calmas. La Restinga
Restaurante El Refugio. Calle La Lapa No. 1 & 2. La Restinga
Tasca El Secreto. Calle Quintero Ramos, 2. Valverde

 El HierroEl HierroEl HierroEl Hierro

El Hierro

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