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How far from the airport?


Can someone tell me how long it will take to get from the airport to Mooro Jable please?  And how much in a taxi?


ModElle Citizen:
It's a fair old way Richie - about 100km. Morro Jable is right in the very south. I'm sure I read somewhere recently that a taxi is about €75-80. You can get a bus for a lot less, but hey - you'll want to treat yourselves eh?

Flooey xx

If I was staying there I'd hire a car at the airport and drive down myself - then you'll have a car for your use for possibly less than a return cab journey if you're going for a week. The roads are good and well signposted. It'll probably take 45 minutes to an hour.

ModElle Citizen:
Good call CG! It could well be cheaper to hire a car for the wekk... than to get a cab there and back?!

Flooey xx

I didn't think it would be so expensive so will look at car hire. Thx for your help and suggestions
Richie  :-*


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