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Madstock's going to Caleta

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Lets give him some ideas (as if he doesn't have enough of his own :D)

For steak, you can't beat El Fado - the place with the strange big pink plastic pig outside - not sure why as they are not big on pork!! Avoid the Indian on the same row - distinctly average and the most expensive meal we had there!

For lunches, there is a tapas restaurant on the row behing the Barcello - can't remember the name, but you can get a few plates of nibbles, sit outside and relax, watching the waves roll in :)

Loads of places doing cheap breakfasts - the Irish place, upstairs, again I can't remember the name, across from the Caleta Gardens, was particularly good and cheap.



Ah bless you CG your so caring. Thanks for taking the trouble to try and make my first visit a happy one.
May I just say you've got beautiful feet!!! :-*

Keith. 8)

....so many shoes and only two feet :-*

Two beautiful feet!!! :-* :-*

Keith. 8)

Bar wise, there was a little pub just tucked away across from the front entrance to the Barcelo - again, memory lapse - can't remember the name, but it was full of locals and the drinks were a lot cheaper than on the main tourist drags and much nicer too - a real gem of a place for a having a nice, relaxing drink 8)


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