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Madstock's going to Caleta

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Have a good time mate. I'm in Fuerte in March. ;D

Cheers mate I'm off in the morning.

Keith. 8)

Hope you enjoy your stay in Caleta.
The place we used to enjoy was a Mexican restaurant that was up by the promenade leading to the beach it has sadly now gone, and has been replaced by an Irish bar, the Italian restaurant on the corner of the mall  is very good and not to badly priced, I had the peppered 1/2 roast chicken and it was very good around 8 euros but very filling.
We traveled from Corralejo this time to have a meal there before we came home but had been there before when staying in Caleta,The Chinese is also good and they provide hot flannels to wipe your hands and face with after your meal great service, kept away from the English bars as it was football or darts on the TV and to much like back in the UK not what we wanted at all, but very friendly if that's what you are looking for. 8)

.....well, how was it Keith, any good 'finds'????


How was it for you then Madstock?

We enjoyed it despite the clouds. But it was warm and the beer was cold so not complaining.


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