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We all have our preferences as to which airlines are better than others. To help people visiting this site make a choice, we'd like your opinions on which airlines get the right balance between service and price.

Has anyone noticed how Thomas Cook rip people off with the food. Don't book the food as an extra on there website because they give everyone food anyway. If people are paying for the food nobody else should get it or if they feed everyone they should tell everyone and not make you pay for something you are going to get anyway. I think its dishonest.

Also just noticed when checking out holiday prices (and seen posted on another forum at around the same time) that Thomas Cook have reduced their baggage allowance to 15kg - less than most of the budget airlines >:( It's not advertised, just in the small print, so people heading off for two weeks holiday could be in for a shock at the airport, 'cos II've also heard that some airlines only treat one case as one persons, so if you are, for example, a family of four, you can't have 2 x suitcases weighing 30kg each - you have to have 4 suitcases of 15kg ir you get charged extra, even though your total doesn't breach the limits >:(

Hi folks,

If you are travelling from Scotland a good cheapish airline is flyglobespan its no frills but prices are not too bad.


The cheapest regardless of service level!


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