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We always fly with Ryanair from Luton. You have to play the game with budget airlines though and this is what we do. We always fly hand luggage only ( you soon get used to not packing clothes you never wear ) and go to a launderette half way through your holiday. There is no waiting and hoping your luggage has arrived with you,you go straight through and out.Always pay the £4.00 for priority boarding which means you get the seats with extra legroom ( Monarch charge £25.00 for these ) and buy a good sandwich and drink at the airport.

Phil :D

Yes I definitely think paying the 4 quid priority boarding is always worth it with ryanair. Its like a stampeed when they finally call you to the gate its absolute carnage. If I travel alone, I always hang back and wait for a bit. I usually always get an exit seat anyways so happy days!  ;D

Don't pay the extra for priority boarding if going with Easyjet out of Liverpool.
You are boarded first, but only on to the flippin' bus that takes you to the plane.
Everyone else subsequently boards the bus after you ensuring that they are first off and you and your pay extra buddies are left with your nose pressed against the back window of the bus until it's time to get off.................  last!!

I have flown to a lot of places through the British Airways and it really is great.  I remember the time when they actually were really great at their service and even gave a lot of interesting reading materials that you could bring out of the plane, or was I just too keen to taking it home as a souvenir, I am not familiar, either way. But they have my vote.


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