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Hi Everyone

Thinking of slinking over the water for a couple of days before the summer season ... we've been to Caleta before but only for 2 nights and (sadly) were drawn at the opportunity of having a McDonalds on one of those days!
So help me out! I love Indian and Italian food and of course love to find a bar that I can have some fun in (karaoke, shots, cocktails!) ... come on those that have been save me the trek and that terrible situation of sitting in a restaurant that looked so quiet and romantic and finding out why its sooo quiet!


Hi Phil,

I was over there in January and much as I'd love to give you some info I can't.
It was dead as a dodo mate and nearly all the restaurants and bars would have been ideal for a 'romantic break' as they were all bloody empty!
It makes me laugh when people talk about Lanzarote being dead, they should try Caleta in Jan.
Anyway I hope you have a good couple of days over there mate.

Keith. 8)

Hi there
There is a nice Italian near the shops near the promenade to the beach you can eat in side our out we went there several times and traveled from Corralejo on our last night to eat there. It is quite quiet but you can see every one passing and always music around.
The name escapes me at the moment but i will find it out for you, as for karaoke i know the English bar further in the town did do it when we stayed there. there are several bars in the shopping complex down the steps that do cocktails and have music they are quite lively.
There is a nice Chinese opposite the Italian to and a Mexican further up from the shops towards the town.

The Indian we had in Caletta  -on the same strip as the (excellent) steak restauarant with the plastic pig outside (El Fado I think) was the most expesnive meal we had in 2 weeks - edible, but I would go no further than that. The Italian on the square was excellent though - can't remember the name - their wine was obviously too good!!!

Sounds good ... will probably go sometime in June but will let my trusted staff keep the bar open! Anyone know a good indian .... I love a good ruby!


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