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El Tomate
« on: July 23, 2009, 14:04:44 PM »
Special dishes
Fillet of salmon with vegetables and tortellini - €12
Pork saddlesteak with onions and mustardcrust, vegetables and croquet potatoes - €11
Fillet of pork on a tarragon sauce with vegetables and croquet potatoes - €12.50
BBQ plate "Texas" - mixed meats, onions, sweetcorn, grilled tomatoes and stove potatoes - €14.50
Fillet of lamb "Provencal" with various vegetables and macaire potatoes - €14.50
Duck breast Barbarie "a la orange" with pom Macire - €15.50
Rabbit "a la Lanzarote" with Canarian potatoes and mixed salad or vegetables - €12.50

French onion soup grated with cheese - €3.90
Tomato soup with green pepper and gin - €3.90

Mixed salad - €4.50
Tomato salad with goats cheese - €5.50
Warm green salad with bacon and garlic - €4.80
Salad special "El Tomate" - €9

Canarian potatoes with green garlic sauce and goat cheese - €6.80
Serrano ham with melon slices and port wine - €8.50
Prawn cocktail - €8.50
Shrimps with mushrooms and cream sauce - €8.50
Shrimps in oil and garlic - €8
Tomato "a la basca" stuffed with meat and grated with cheese - €8
Baked Camembert cheese with cranberries - €8
Baked goat cheese - €8
Pickled salmon with toasted bread and a mustard cream - €9.90

Pork dishes
Pork fillet "mignon" with a dijon sauce, green asparagus and croquet potatoes - €12.50
Pork fillet "Hawaii" with baked fruits, and croquettes - €12.50
"Cordon Bleu" stuffed with cheese and ham, with fresh vegetables and croquettes - €11.50
Fillet slices sweet and sour "a la China" with rice - €11.50

Chicken Dishes
Chicken steak "Indian" with baked fruits, shrimps, raisins, curry sauce, and rice - €11.50
Chicken steak with fresh mushrooms and noodles - €11.50
Chicken steak "Riojana" with special hot tomato sauce and roast potatoes - €11.50
Chicken steak with pepper sauce, fresh mushrooms and roast potatoes - €11.50
Chicken "exotic" - filet slices in a curry sauce with rice - €11.50

Beef Dishes
Rump steak "Strindberg" with mustard, onions and croquettes - €12.80
Rump steak with various vegetables of the season and croquettes - €12.80
Fillet of beef "Gardener" with various vegetables, herb butter and croquettes - €12.80
Filet of beef "Metternich" in a horseradish sauce with fresh mushrooms and potato gratin - €18.80
Pepper steak in a vodka-pernod sauce with fresh mushrooms and potato gratin - €18.80
Filet slices "Stroganoff" with rice - €16.80
**SPECIAL** Chateaubriand - the best from fillet of beef (for 2 persons) - €41

Fish Dishes
Fish fillet of the island prepared in butter and white wine, with mustard sauce and potatoes - €10.50
Fish fillet (grilled) with Canarian potatoes, green and red garlic sauce - €10.50
Sole fillet stuffed with shrimps in a cream sauce and rice - €12.80
Sole fillet with a sesame crust, curry sauce, green asparagus and rice - €12.80
Sole fillet "Italian art" with baby calamaris (chipirones), shrimps, tomato sauce and noodles - €13.70
Sole baked in butter with potatoes and salad - €12.50
Fish pot "Olivine" - big fish pot with fish fillet, sole fillet, calamaris, mussels, shrimps, white wine and herbs - €13

For Children
Small escallop with vegetables and potatoes - €7
Small fillet of beef with vegetables and croquettes - €9.80
Half portion of sole fillet stuffed with shrimps and rice - €7.50
Small fish fillet (grilled) with vegetables and potatoes - €7
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El Tomate
« on: July 23, 2009, 14:04:44 PM »