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Heading to Caletta, Fuerteventura 13 Sept 07

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We are heading to Caletta, Fuerteventura for the first time next week and would love to get any advce or tips from people who have been there especially regarding windsurfing, scuba, sailing, canoeing, snorkeling, surfing, hiking, places of interest, Baku waterpark, mountain biking, good night life and restaurants etc. Are the evenings still warm enough for shorts and t shirts? Looking forward to a good 2 weeks. 
Thanks, Irishcpl      8)    8)


I visited Caleta De Fuste a year or so ago ... only for a couple of days! I would recommend if you are looking for lots of water sports that you hire a car as there are watersports centres on the opposite coast and in the South from where you are staying! As for BAKU waterpark it depends on how much of a big kid you are ... it is a small waterpark (when compared to the big parks you find in USA or Spain) but still has a good selection of fun slides with and without inflatables ... but nothing too scary!
As we were on a bit of a chill-out time we didn't really experience much of the nightlife but did find a really nice bar with great cocktails on the top floor of the shopping centre with the cinema in it and also went and saw a good fun show at pieros (http://www.pieroscafe.com) ... which was a home from home from the WAX bar!
I'm sure others will help you out for eating out as I'm afraid to say that McD's (we don't have one in Playa Blanca) was somewhere we headed for  :o.
As for weather it is roasty-toasty here in the evenings and I really wouldn't expect that to change in the next weeks (infact last September we saw temps in the late 40s in the day!) ... check out http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/businesstraveler/tenday/SPXX0142?from=36hr_fcst10DayLink_business
Let us know some of your findings as well when you get home again!!
Have a great holiday!

Hi Phil

Thanks for all that info and the links - very useful.  We will let you know how we got on when we get back.
Cheers, Agnes & Eugene, Wexford, Ireland  8)      8)

Can´t really comment on Corralejo - haven´t been. We live in Playa Blanca - which is worth a vist if you fancy a change of scenery and a ferry ride over the water for a day... The town, like Corralejo is very close to the port.

Phil I can´t believe it...
You forgot the great Minigolf Curse...
But only you can remember where it was... For my part ???, I think it was somewhere on the Promenade ;), where the biggest Lampposts in the world are ;D...(You can find that out when you walk along the Promenade in Calett)a
Hope you have fun in Caletta...
C u Chrischi


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