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Fish restaurant playa Quemada?

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Gor recommended a good fish restaurant there but the person that told me couldn't remember the name. Anyone know? Also is there a bus from puerto calero to there? Not figured out the bus stop going that way yet..just the stop after the roundabout towards pdc/arrecife road.

Some of us like Siete Islas at Playa Quemada - Flash is the expert - but there is another restaurant nearer the sea which has been advertising in The Gazette lately, I don't know what it's called sorry.

I would be surprised if you can get there on the bus.

oh i agree with josie, 7 islas is lovely really unpretentious lovely food and the owners are really sweet! would reccommend the grilled corvina with roasted garlic on top! just be prepared to sleep alone that night!
 to be honest the other one looks a bit 'foodie' if you get my drift! but if thats what your after then try it and let us know?

Thanks ladies. No probs about the bus I'll just get a taxi.  :)

Sorry, not been around for a few days.  Just to add to the above, although it doesn't look much Siete Islas is the place to go in PQ, Jose is a lovely fella and his wife Anna cooks in the back, food is fantastic and it's always so laid back.  If it's busy you tend to notice it's locals or people who clearly go regularly.

Downside is that one of us is usually driving  ::)

My personal favourites are the mussels in marinara sauce or the tuna in the same - not massive portions, but perfect for a lunchtime.


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