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John B:
The walking group did the walk from Play Quemada to the decorated beach and back today - unfortunately without Elle who couldn't make it. Your rock was still there Elle, and the people had gone so we had the garden  to ourselves.  It was a good walk and we all felt drawn into the restaurant for a drink and tapas afterwards.  Strange how that happens!  In two weeks time, we invade Soo. Anyone who can walk 8 km across country in two hours is welcome to join - there is no admin or cost, just turn up.  Drop me a pm.

Did you go to Siete Islas again John?

John B:

We were the only ones there, but we had a good time - a table for twelve - good company, but no Elle!  Plan on coming back!

You'll have to meet Flash and Lyndylou - it's one of their favorites!

John B:
He must be very shy:  Flash, did you see a party of twelve old b******s at the shore side?


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