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Discount on smoked salmon


The smoked salmon shop in Macher is offering Facebook discount until Saturday night.  Instead of €32 per kilo the price is €25 per kilo and you just have to say you are claiming Facebook discount (discuenta?).  The salmon is the best on the island in my opinion.  The people who run the ahumederia are French by the way so I've found it easier to speak to them in French in the past as they don't speak much English and my Spanish is rubbish compared to my French.  But I digress...

ModElle Citizen:
Yum yum yum! Our pal LondonAccountant will be gutted to miss out. I shall have to buy some and then drop him an email with a photo LOL

Oh and as they've got more than 1,000 FB friends they're never going to check whether you actually saw it on FB!


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