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Sakura V Japanese restaurant Arrecife

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Heard all about this place from some of the walking group on Sunday.  Sounds fantastic.  All you can eat authentic sushi, salads, soup and all kinds of hot dishes for €15 a head.  Anyone been there?  There is an enormous advert for it at the airport which I'd never spotted before.

ModElle Citizen:
Looking forward to going... ... have heard really grand reports about it from a number of sources.

Elle xx

Hi guys..been a few times now to Sakura buffet. It is fanastic!! You get everything from suishi to beef dishes. They bring you a number of small individual sauces like soy, sweet and sour etc. The bowls are small but you can help yourself to as many as you want. Last time I went at lunchtime about 1pm and I was only one there. They sat me next to the belt where there were about 10 dishes on the I started to grab the odd bowl when they started piling new bowls on the belt. I felt under pressure then to eat loads...which I did unfortunately!  :o
By the way it's cheaper during the day at 12.50 euro's. It's definitely a big step up from most buffet's in the tourist resorts.

sounds great - might just have to take the bus to Arrecife and try and find it


--- Quote from: karen13 on September 05, 2011, 15:42:02 PM ---sounds great - might just have to take the bus to Arrecife and try and find it

--- End quote ---

Easy to find Karen once getting off at the main bus terminal. Walk towards the Gran Hotel and the take the major road on your left just before Gran Hotel (not the one you came down in the bus!). About 100 yards down here you come to major road. If you look to your right far side you'll see a taxi rank. The Japanese is above the taxi rank. You go up the staircase and it's split into the buffet restaurant on your left and a full service restaurant on your right (which I hear is also very good but not cheap!).


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