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Decorated beach

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I have been reading through the link about walks and loved the sound of the decoratd beach.

Last year we had our first exploring atempt on foot, walked over the tops from Playa Quemeda and found a lovely beach that was near the fish things in the sea, this had a carving on the hill, a stone well and other bits, is this anywhere the decorated beach?


Hi s5hez

John B will answer this when he's next on but I think the decorated beach is probably over the next hill as it is certainly beyond the beach with the fish pens going south/west from Playa Quemada.

Thank you, i think it must be further on because i'm sure we did not pass it. really looking forward to when Lanzarote becomes more permenant for us so we can explore more but will need to get a lot fitter first, then again the walk we did was at midday with one bottle of water, learnt a lot that day  ;D

John B:
Josie is correct.  Take either a permanent marker pen to write on a flat stone, as many do, or some little cheap item to leave in a niche.

ModElle Citizen:

--- Quote from: John B on October 06, 2011, 09:54:07 AM ---Take... ... some little cheap item to leave in a niche.

--- End quote ---
I did try, John, but you just wouldn't be left behind. :D


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