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La Cabana remains "Tops"


Bernie Bobcat:
We had our last meal out (for this holiday anyhow) back at La Cabana in Macher on Tuesday evening.  It was just as good second time around, so here's a quick review of what we had.

I had the slivers of duck (warm! .... yum) with salad and a hoisin and ginger dressing.  (Scrumptious!)
Alan had a roasted tomato and pumpkin seed soup. Also delicious, and certainly a strong "roast" flavour from it.

I had the roasted chicken breast with lemon & thyme jus, and it was lovely.  Large tender succulent chicken breast, served with perfectly cooked fresh vegetables, and a slice of garlic potato gratin. 
Alan had the pork fillet with calvados sauce on a bed of mash, with the same vegetables. (Carrots, cauliflower, broccoli & runner beans). The pork was divine.  Tender and full of flavour, and as for the calvados sauce, words elude me!!! ....... If only there had been a bit of bone in his food, Alan might have started choking on it, and then I could have finished his pork in calvados while he was rushed off in an ambulance!   ;D    .................  I am only joking!  ::)  ;)

I had the chocolate volcano.  A chocolate sponge pudding with a soft warm centre of melted chocolate, that flowed like lava when the mountain cracked open!!  Served with the house vanilla ice cream that was just perfect with the lovely rich chocolate dish. 
Alan had the lemon and vanilla cheesecake, and it was also sensational.  So much so, that even a lady at a neighbouring table couldn't resist when he scooped a little piece off for her on his side fork!!  (Well, all that saliva down the front of her sink blouse was more than any man could take!  What else could he do???!!  ::)

Desserts were again served with a complimentary glass of sweet wine, mixed with a taste of port and brandy.

Our wine this time was a South African Chenin Blanc, and it was very nice indeed.

Everything about this restaurant is wondeful.  I love the tablecloths, the cutlery and crockery, the glassware, the way sauces are served on the side in their own little jug where appropriate. The presentation of each course is perfection, as if each plate was going before the judges on Masterchef!  And to top it all, the personal attention given by Deborah to each of the guests, makes La Cabana the very special place that it is.

The bill came to about 80 euro again for the 3 courses each, with wine and water.  It was worth every cent!

Our next visit is at the end of November and it can't come quick enough!   ;D

Excellent review, Bernie would you recommend booking in advance?

Sounds lovely Bernie!

I'd book in advance Stargirl as it's quite small (about 16 covers)  and was very busy when we went there last week. Best not to be disappointed!!

Bernie Bobcat:

--- Quote from: lolly on October 07, 2011, 09:42:59 AM ---I'd book in advance Stargirl as it's quite small (about 16 covers)  and was very busy when we went there last week. Best not to be disappointed!!

--- End quote ---

Defo!   ;D ;D


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