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Excursions from Las Palmas?


Hi, my husband and I live in Lanzarote. We are thinking of taking advantage of the cheap Binter flights and popping over to Las Palmas for a few days in early December. We have never been there before and have been trying to find out whether there are any excursions that leave from Las Palmas that would allow us to explore the rest of the island. All of the searches I have done on the internet only seem to find excursions from the resorts in the south of the island. Any advice would be much appreciated, as well as any Las Palmas restaurant recommendations.

Might be worth hiring a car Sue - we spent Christmas in Gran Canaria one year and drove round the whole island in a day - quite hard work though.  Loved the view from the west coast across to Mount Teide Tenerife.

Thanks for the advice Josie, we'll either hire a car or we might go back again when the flight offers are on again next year and stay in the south to see a different side of the island


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