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Single man looking to enjoy


Hi, my name is Mario. I know it may sound strange but I post this message in order maybe to help me to meet some nice female person to hang out, talk and have a good time. This is not a dating advertise and I know probably here is not the place to put this message but I hope noone minds that I write that. I have lived and worked in Lanzarote for a few months already and I like it but being single I would like to meet a woman that I can go out with, visit different places etc. Firstly we can be friends and see if something more than that happens. If not, we can remain friends. If anyone is interested, you can post a reply. I hope noone minds this new thread and it is not really a dating offer or anything


ModElle Citizen:
Hola tassevi. Perhaps if a lady would like to... she can send you some private messages.

Good luck with finding some company.



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