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Example Dishes


ModElle Citizen:
Cold Starters and Tapas:
Mixed salad
Lanzarote Salad
Cesar Salad
Chicken Salad
Pulpo con Vinagrette (chopped octopus in vinagrette dressing)
Prawn cocktail
Avocado with Prawns
CHeese platter (local, goats, Manchego)
Marinated salmon
Melon with ham

Hot entrees and soups:
Garlic bread
Garlic soup
Fish soup with shellfish
Lentil soup
Garlic Prawns
Garlic mushrooms
Lapas (limpets)
Steamed fresh mussels (marinera or garlic)
SantoƱa anchovy toast
Padron Peppers

Pasta, Eggs and Rice:
Spanish Tortilla (scrambled to taste)
Rice 7 islands
Black rice
Rice with mussels in champagne
Rice with rabbit
Seafood Paella
Meat Paella

Vegetarian dishes:
Lentils with vegetables
Rice with vegetables
Fresh pasta with vegetables
Fresh pasta Neapolitan

Fresh fish of the day
Grilled sardines
Grilled sole or Merniere
Tuna or grilled seafood
Grilled fillet of sea bass
Pulpo 7 Islas
Grilled squid
Squid in ink or Roman
Grilled Prawns
Grilled fish

Grilled chicken breast
Tenderloin cooked to taste
Fried rabbit
Grilled quails
Pickled lamb chops
Estofado (beef stew)
Tenderloin stroganoff

... and daily specials too!


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