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Another lovely visit!


ModElle Citizen:
After our walk to Puerto Calero and back yesterday, about a dozen of us descended upon 7 Islas and the poor José yesterday for a bite to eat and a couple of drinkies.

Once again, Jose was a friendly host... and looked after us tirelessly.

I don't know what everyone else had (although one or two people may pop in here and tell you), but my Pulpo con Vinagrette was excellent. It was very tender, and I polished it off in no time. Jose also kept us topped up with drinks, and gave us all extra tapas to tide us over until the food came.

Plenty of food... plenty of drinks... 12 or 13 people - €200 total including a tip.

It was also lovely to meet Ana, José's wife.

Elle xxx

John B:
I had a very nice chicken salad and beer.  That must be about my 20th visit!


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