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Nightlife in Caleta de Fuste (except for the entertainment provided in hotels) is centered around the various commercial centres located along the main avenida. There is a good choice of bars and restaurants, and holidaymakers seeking a bit more excitement will find some livelier bars in the centre. Don’t expect it to be as busy as some of the other islands though – this is definitely a more relaxed resort.With everything from karaoke to live entertainment, you are sure to enjoy Caleta de Fuste.If you’d like your review of any of the venues on this page, log into our forum and post your feelings on the relevant message board.

Bars and Restaurants in Calete de Fuste
Caffénero CC El Castillo Baraló, C2
Fado Steak House Caleta Amigos, Local 5
Flower of Scotland C/C Castillo Centro
O’Fado C/C Castillo Centro
The Step Inn Caleta Amigos, Local 1

Other Bars and Restaurants in Caleta de Fuste
Bahia de Cata (Nestor’s), Caleta Gardens Complex
Barca del Pescador, Salinas del Carmen
Bodeguita, C/C El Castillo
Bocadillo, Atlantico Centro
Borges, c/c El Castillo Barceló
Busca Buenagente, c/ Juan Ramón Soto Morales
Casabel, C/C El Castillo Barcelo
Casa Nostra, Happy Centre
Crazy Cat, Happy Centre
Delhi Darbar, C/C Los Arcos
Durty Nelly’s, Castillo Centre
El Capitan, Calle caleta de Fuste, 1
El Mirador, Monte Castillo Centre
El Patio, Caleta Amigos, Local 6
Fado Rock Cafe, next to Police Station
Fish and Chips, Puerta del Sol
Frasquita, on the beach
Gambrinus, C/C Broncemar Beach
Grill El Torro, C/C Castillo Centro
Havana Bar, Caleta Gardens Complex
Hong Kong, C/C Castillo Centro
Indian Rock, C/C La Cúpula
La Arena, Club Barceló
La Bodeguita, C/C El Castillo
La Fuente, Calle Juan Ramón Soto Morales, 17
La Guanche, El Matorral
La Luna, C7 Alcalde Francisco Jordan
La Paella, Club Barceló
La Perla, Club Barceló
Legends Larder, C/C Los Arcos
Legend’s 60’s, C/C Los Arcos
Lin’s Place, , C/C El Castillo
Los Caracolitos, las Salinas del Carmen
Mambo Steak House, c/ Juan Ramón Soto Morales
Mexican Corner, C/C Castillo Centro
Mozart, Atlantico Centro
New Slow Boat, C/C Los Arcos
O’Connors, C/C El Castillo
Palmeral Beach,
Panna y Pomodora, C/C Atlantico
Paprika, C/C El Castillo
Pierro’s, c/C El Castillo Barceló
Pizzeria Gepetto,
Pizzeria La Torre, C/C Castillo Centro
Planet Fun, Happy Centre
Play Park, Amusement Arcade, next to police station
Revolution C/C Atlantico
Royal Oak
Sean Og’s, Puerta del Sol
Slap n Tickle, Happy Centre
Slow Boat, C/C Los Arcos
Sportsman, C/ C El Castillo Barceló
Syrtaky, Caleta Amigos, local 2
Tattoo Cafe, C/C El Castillo Barceló
Temple Bar, C/C Atlantico
The Bailey, C/C El Happy Center
The Beer Garden, , C/C El Castillo
The Blues Bar, C/C El Castillo
The Country Kitchen, C/C Castillo Centro
The Dome, C/C La Cúpula
The Kings’ Arms, San Jorge
The Lord Nelson, Puerto Caleta
The Office, Caleta Garden Complex
The Penalty, The Harbor
The Tuck Box, C/C Los Arcos
Tipico Canario, C/C El Castillo
Tommy Nutters , C/C Castillo Centro
Top Bar, El Castillo Centre
Wild West Restaurant, C/C El Castillo Barceló

If you are a bar or restaurant owner, owners friend, bar worker or just a big fan of a particular venue and see it’s not included in our directory, you can contact us to suggest additions to our listings.

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 Caleta de FusteCaleta de Fuste 

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