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The busiest resort on the island… Corralejo is for those visitors who want a busier nightlife in Fuerteventura. 

It is situated about 40 minutes from the airport. The main area of nightlife in Corralejo is the Centro Comercial Atlantico on the main strip, where you will find lots of disco bars. Scattered elsewhere along the main strip there are discos, British bars and live music.

For a more relaxed feel within this resort, the pedestrianised area at the northern end of the main Avenida has many open-air venues, where you can while away the hours, watching the world go by, and listening to Latin and Spanish music.

There are many restaurants in Corralejo offering local and international cuisine, allowing for pretty much any budget. The harbour is the place to be if you are seeking Canarian and Italian restaurants. There isn’t a huge number of clubs, for dancing the night away – but some bars in Corralejo are open until the early hours of the morning. This is the original part of the town, and it manages to retain its charm. The bars and restaurants along the seafront, are quaint and picturesque… with spectacular views across to Lobos, and Lanzarote beyond. Look to your left – past the port – and the breaking waves there are a hotspot for surfers.

Here you will also find Playa la Clavellina, which provides sunbathing, and safe swimming for all ages. The race, La Tres Islas culminates here, and is a huge draw for residents, and the lucky holiday makers on the Island at the time. You can see people clambering all over the sea walls (at times precariously) for a better look. Between Playa la Clavelline, and the port, are opportunities for jetskiing, fishing trips, and other water based activities.

The dunes to the east of Corralejo are a Nature Reserve, and are an absolute must for anyone visiting the Island . The dunes spread for miles along the coast, even visible from Playa Blanca in Lanzarote, which all builds the appeal of this popular Fuerteventura resort.

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Featured bars, restaurants and cafes in Corralejo

Cantante Cafe. Paseo Atlantico, 2.

H2O Chillout Bar (formerly Dr Cafe – Bar Boutique). Calle La Milagrosa 29D, Plaza Patricio Calero

Pura Vida Sports Bar & Beach Bar. 83 Avenidas Grandes Playa

Temple Bar. 37 Jesus Machin Santana

Waikiki. C/ Aristides Hernandez Moran, 11

Map of featured bars, restaurants and cafes in Corralejo

Other Bars, Cafes and Restaurants in Corralejo
Alibaba’s. Avenida Nuestra Señora Del Carmen
Angel’s Bar, Aristide Hernandez Moran, 4
Atlantida Restaurante, Av. Grandes Playas, S/N
Avelino Restaurante, Av. Galicia, 35
Bar Geminis, Brujula, 7
Bar Santa Ana, Anzuelo, 4
Beach Club Las Palmeras, Av. Grandes Playas, S/N
Beleten, La Red, 8
Bombay Balti House, La Milagrosa, 24
Bubbles Bar. CC Atlantico Sol
Café de Paris, Av Ntra Sra el Carmen, SN
Cafeteria Arlequin, Almirante Carreo Blanco, 6
Cafeteria Guaguas, Av Juan Carlos I, 8
Cafeteria Salon Atlantico, Av Gral Franco, 1
Calendula SCVP, Av Fuerteventura, SN
Casa Galicia, Lepanto, 19
Casa Pedro, El Pulpo, 2
Castaways, Old Town Beach
Chablis, Av Gral Franco, 80
China Town, Av. Gral. Franco, 27
Cofradia de Pescadores, Mlle. Corralejo, 5
Cordon Blue, Av. Marítima, 6
Corintia, Av. Grandes Playas, 22
Don Camilo III, Av. Ntra. Sra.el Carmen, S/N
El Alpende, Av Juan Carlos I, SN
El Molino, Gral. García Escámez, 16
El Patio, Hernán Cortés, 16
El Pescador, Pl. Félix Estévez, 1
El Sombrero, Av. Marítima, 17
Eve, Iglesia, 7
Goticom Ciber, Gravina, 17
Gregorio el Pescador, Iglesia, 11
Halopizza, Av. Gral. Franco, S/N
Hong – Kong, Av. Gral. Franco, S/N
Il Giardinetto, Av. Grandes Playas, S/N
Imagine Live Music Bar. Calle Lepanto 7
Isagon SL, Av Ntra Sra el Carmen, 14
Kiwi Bar, Atlantico SN
La Cabaña Asturiana, Av. Marítima, 3
Las Cañas, Calle Lepanto
La Hacienda Mexicana, Av. Galicia, 8
La MammaPizzería, Hernán Cortés, 7
La Marquesina, Mlle. Chico, S/N
La Rosa DI Venti, Iglesia, 13
La Tahona, Méndez Pinto, 4
La Tasca, Av. Grandes Playas, S/N
La Tasca, Av. Ntra. Sra. el Carmen, 10
La Terraza, Arístide Hernández Morán, S/N
Los Pepes, Calle la Balena
Los Pescaditos, Av Maritima, 14
Luis Bas Ramos, La Red, 4
Margarita Cervera Tora, Av Gral Franco, 21
Maxorata Bech Restaurante, Gran Canaria, S/N
Mediterraneo, Lepanto, S/N
Meson Canario Tio Bernabe, Iglesia, 17
Milenium, Juan de Austria, 2
Mlle. Chico, 4, Mlle. Chico, S/N
Napoli, La Red, S/N
Nekor Beach. C/ Lepanto 7
No Es Agua, Av. Ntra. Sra. el Carmen, 35
Oceano Canario, La Milagrosa, 3 y 4
Pali, Av. Ntra. Sra. el Carmen, 17
Palillos de Oro, Av. Grandes Playas, S/N
Pancho Villa, Gral. Prim, 16
Panna & Pomodoro, Pl. Félix Estévez, 3
Parrilla Argentina Mirando Al Sur, Juan Sebastián Elcano, 5
Pata Negra, Av. Juan Carlos I, 51
Pedro Restaurante, El Pulpo, 2
Penny Lane-Bistro, La Red, S/N
Pub Las Arenas, Antonio Hernandez Paez, 2
Pub Restaurante La Luna. Calle el Pulpo 2
Punta Al Viento, Gral. García Escámez, 32
Restaurante el TrenEspecialidades en pescados y mariscos., C/ La Marina, 12
Robin’s Nest. Waikiki Beach Street
Rosario Apollonio, Crucero Baleares, 1
San Borondon Restaurante, Almirante Carrero Blanco, 8
Siggi’s,upstairs in the Commercial Centre in Parque Holandes
Reviews: 1
Sitar, Crucero Baleares, 5
Slow Boat, Iglesia, 14
Snack bar Rincon de Perico, Iglesia, 4
Sotavento, Av. Marítima, 7
Tattooz ‘n’ Booze, CC Atlantico, 3
The English Rose Restaurant. Local No 3. Hoplaco Gardens
The Rogues Gallery, La Ballena, 3
Tiffanys, CC Tamarindo, 21
Trattoria, Av. Galicia, S/N
Venecia, Almirante Carrero Blanco, 1
Weirdos. Sol y Luna, Perez Galdos 2
Winning Post. CC Oasis Tamarindo
Yamatori, Av. Grandes Playas, S/N

Corralejo, FuerteventuraCorralejo, Fuerteventura

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