Gran Canaria

Nightlife in Gran Canaria is fun, energetic and varied! It starts late and goes on throughout the night with most bars in Gran Canaria, and restaurants staying open until past midnight, and the discos and clubs even later (or should we say “earlier”?!)


All tastes are catered for… and you can have as wild, or as quiet, a night as you fancy. Hardly a month goes by without a fiesta, carnival or special event… and these tend to be colourful, boisterous affairs, and lots of fun!The Spanish love to dress up – and will grab any excuse to do so, as well as keeping you as a traveller very much involved. If you fancy a change from your favourite flights to Rome or Paris – then Gran Canaria is just the ticket!

Each of the area pages in Gran Canaria has a map of featured bars and restaurants in the relevant town, so you can see what is close to your accommodation. Explore the site and find out why we are referred to as the “best Lanzarote website for places to eat and drink”.


Playa del Ingles

The gay scene in Gran Canaria is famous the world over. A visit to the bars and restaurants in Playa del Ingles will reveal stunning drag queens, fetish venues, themed events, and it plays host to the famous Gay Pride events held regularly. There over 200 shops in the Yumbo Centrum, so put your sensible footwear on, and make a day (and night) of it. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the vast range of eating places in Playa del Ingles, and the aromas alone will tempt you in. Party central!

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Las Palmas

Las Palmas, the capital, is the largest city on the island, and must be seen if visiting Gran Canaria. There are a multitude of bars and restaurants in Las Palmas – with every flavour you can think of. Nightlife here is bouncing and fun. Grab your Spanish phrase book and immerse yourself – you won’t regret it.

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is lower key than Playa del Ingles – and is a huge hit with families. The clubs, bars and restaurants are extremely varied and offer a multitude of bargains. Head for the top of the hill for family fun… or stick at the bottom for a younger crowd.

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Arguineguin is a much more rural area than the other resorts. However, it still boasts a couple of bustling markets, and plenty of choice with food and drink.

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General Gran Canaria Information

The most central Canary Island, Gran Canaria features include sand dunes, cliffs and beautiful scenery with camel rides, water park, naturist beach and fun fair.

This island has so much variety – that no visitor will be disappointed. With mountains and volcanic craters, lush forests and varied vegetation, and Sahara-esque sand dunes… it’s no surprise that Gran Canaria is often referred to as a miniature continent.

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