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Playa Del Ingles

Playa del Ingles is Gran Canaria’s largest resort, and boasts being the second largest resort of its kind in Europe (Benidorm being number 1). 

It’s an ideal resort for you if you’re traveling with a group of friends perhaps, or a couple looking for plenty of action by night after topping up your tan during the day. During the high season of July and August it’s very much the location for “younger fun” or “18-30” style holidays. For the rest of the year it proves popular with a very varied group, from 8 to 80, and many different nationalities.

Once at the beach, you will find a variety of water-based activities on offer. Paragliding, jet skiing, banana boat rides, and pedalo hire. The beaches do tend to be quite split, with areas invisibly cordoned for families, naturists, too-shy to bare-all, gay and adult only groups. Do take a picnic with you though, as the beach doesn’t offer much in the way of refreshments.

Playa del Ingles itself is fairly flat, and easy to get around. Public transport here is frequent, and of good quality. It is flanked by the areas of Maspalomas and San Agustin.  There are around a dozen Commercial Centres in and around Playa del Ingles… each playing host to a wide range of restaurants, bars and shops. There are also many other services such as banks, supermarkets, money exchange bureau’s, amusement arcades. Head to the Kasbah centre for a wider choice of clubs, or perhaps the Yumbo centre for the gay scene. All in all, a rocking time for any visitor!

Featured Bars and Restaurants in Playa del Ingles

Gran Café Latino. Ground Floor. CC Yumbo

Map of bars, restaurants and cafes in Playa del Ingles

Other Bars and Restaurants in Playa del Ingles

Abdelilah Fares, Av. Gran Canaria, 32
Acropolis, Av. Alemania, 2
Akronym S.L., Av. Gran Canaria, S/N
Alemana, Málaga, S/N
Alta Duseldorf, Av. Alemania, S/N
American Burguer, Málaga, S/N
Amigos Party Bar. Boulevard, CC Yumbo
Armando Garcia Suarez, Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, S/N
Asia Expres, Av. Tirajana, 7
Aurelio Ferran Fernandez, Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, S/N
Banana Cafe. CC Yumbo
Bali Indonesio, Av. Bonn, 23
Bar Casa Marques, Av. Alemania, S/N
Bar Doña Carmen, Av. Tirajana, 3
Bar La Ratonera, Av. Bonn, 23
Bar Las Walkiras, Av. Alféreces Provisionales, 33
Bar Na Und. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Bar Plus, Málaga, S/N
Bar Rincon, Av. Tirajana, 15
Bar Westfalia, Av. Francia, S/N
Barbados, Av. Tirajana, 19
Beltran, Málaga, S/N
Benny Hills, Av. Tirajana, S/N
Benny Hills, Av. Tirajana, S/N
Bernd Martin Griesheimer, Av. Francia, S/N
Berry’s Pub S.L., Av. Gran Canaria, Bajo, Local 8
Big Ben’s. Jardin del Sol
Boutique Cafe Zipf, Av. Alféreces Provisionales, S/N,
Boutique Cafe Zipf, Av. Francia, S/N
Buddies. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Bunker. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Cafe Bar Plaza, Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, S/N
Cafe de Paris, Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, 11
Cafe Wein, Av. Francia, S/N
Cafe-Bar Malibu, Av. España, 7
Cafeteria Marina 2005 S.L., Av. Italia, 15
Cafeteria Mercurio S.L., Av. Tirajana, 33
Candela. CC Yumbo
Carlos V, Av. Francia, S/N
Carmen San Jose Corta, Av. Tirajana, 108
Casa Juan. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Center Stage. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Centrum. CC Yumbo
China Town, Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, S/N
Chipi Chipi, Av. Tirajana, 19
Churrasco Argentino, Av. Tirajana, 24
Clipper Paso Caribe, Menceys, 9
Cocktail Sascha, Av. Tirajana, S/N
Coco Loco. Boulevard, CC Yumbo
Columbus I, P.º Anexo Ii, 3
Condor, Av. Alemania, S/N
Construction Bar. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Construction Lounge. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Crespo Perez, S., Av. Gran Canaria, 1
Cruise Mens Bar. Boulevard, CC Yumbo
David & Goliath, Av. Tirajana, 48
Detos Retos, Av. Tirajana, 9
Diamond. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Dino’s Bar, Av. Tirajana, 4
Disfruta Del Ocio S.L., Málaga, S/N
Divinity . Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Durstecke, Av. Alemania, Loc.287
Eddy de Wilde, Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, S/N
Eden. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Eiffel Bar. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
El Carreton, Av. Gran Canaria, 23
El Duke, Av. Tirajana, 28
El Duomo Di Milano, Hannover, 4
El Fatel. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
El Guarapo, Av. Gran Canaria, 24
El Picoteo, Av. Tirajana, 35
El Portalon, Av. Tirajana, 27
El Rancho, Av. Tenerife, 10
El Royal Grill, Av. Gran Canaria, 48
El Toro Negro, Madrid, S/N
Emilio Martel Gonzalez, Av. Gran Canaria, Cc
Enrique Estevez Ramirez, Av. Alféreces Provisionales, S/N
Eva Suarez Gonzalez, Av. Tenerife, S/N
Explotaciones Hostelera M Y M S.C.P., Av. Alemania, S/N
Facecook. CC Yumbo
Fiction . Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Garaje, Av. Tenerife, 17
Gaucho, Málaga, S/N
Gerardo Rodriguez Lauret, Av. Alemania, S/N
Gio Bar & Restaurant. CC Yumbo
Gofio – Zurich, Av. Francia, Local 268-269
Gossip Lesbian Showbar. Boulevard, CC Yumbo
Gran Cafe Latino, Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, 1
Gran Mundo, Av. Alféreces Provisionales, 27
Gran Shanghai, Málaga, S/N
Greenpark, Av. Tenerife, 4
Grill Martel House, Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, S/N
Hareem. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Hassan Farhat Azaghbib, Av. Tirajana, 19
Hawai Iantasca Pub, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, S/N
Herman Vidakov, Av. Alemania, S/N
Js Bar. CC Yumbo
Jose Alvarez Ramos, Av. España, 22
Juan Dominguez Martin, Av. Gran Canaria, S/N
Juan Jose Suarez Vega, Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, 17
Junior Bar. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
King Bar, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, S/N
Kingz Cruise And Dance Bar. Boulevard, CC Yumbo
La Bulle. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
La Estancia, Av. Francia, S/N
La Falua, Av. Tenerife, 9
La Santa. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
La Tasquita Gallega, Pl. Jandia, 1
La Toja, Av. Tirajana, 17
Lady Pink, Av. Tenerife, S/N
Las Piramides, Av. Gran Canaria, 14
Liliput, Marruecos, S/N
Los Ponchos, Av. Tirajana, 14
Los Porches, Av. Alemania, 16
Los Tiros, Av. España, 11
Macho Macho. Boulevard, CC Yumbo
Mamma Mia. CC Yumbo
Manantial Azul S.Cv.P., Av. Italia, 11
Marc Dziallas, Helsinki, S/N
Marco Polo, Av. Alemania, S/N
Marianne Brigitte Zierke, Av. Francia, 1
Marieta, Av. Italia, 15
Martell House. CC Yumbo
Martin Pardo, C., Av. Gran Canaria, 50
Maximilian’s Restaurante, Av. Tenerife, 8
Meikers Bar. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Mi Vaca, Av. Alemania, S/N
Milano Clasico, Av. Tirajana, 17
Mirador Las Dunas, Madrid, 1
Moreno Ii Restaurante, Av. Tirajana, 10
Moreno Tres, Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, 54
Muliga, Av. Tenerife, S/N
Mykonos. Boulevard, CC Yumbo
Mysthic. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Neli Pub S.L., Av. Italia, 2
Nyetrollstua, Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, S/N
Oasis, Av. Alemania, S/N
Ola. CC Yumbo
Oscar Pub, Helsinki, 8
Pacha, Av. Sargentos Provisionales, 10
Paddy Murphy’s, Av. Tirajana, 28
Pais Divino, Av. Tirajana, 17
Parrots Bar. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Patio Canario, Av. Tenerife, 8
Patrick Webster, Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, 54
Patrik’bar, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, S/N
Peppermint. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Pinocho, Av. Francia, S/N
Playa Del Sol, Av. Tirajana, 26
Polaris, Av. Alemania, S/N
Pop Corn, Av. Alemania, S/N
Prison Bar. Boulevard, CC Yumbo
Pub Pipo’s, Av. Tirajana, 21
Punto Net, Av. Tirajana, 3
Restaurante Casa Luis S.L., Av. Italia, S/N
Restaurante Mundo, Av. Tirajana, 7
Restaurnte China, Av. Italia, 4
Rickys Caberet Bar. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Rimini, Av. Tenerife, 11
Rodolfo de La Mata Lezana, Av. Tirajana, 19
Roman de Leon Rodriguez, Av. Gran Canaria, 38
Sakura Iii, Av. Tirajana, 1
San Diego, Av. Tirajana, 20
Schlucknapf Sl, Av. Alemania, S/N
Shooters, Av. Italia, S/N
Show Bar Diamons, Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, S/N
Singapur, Av. Tirma, 2
Snack Antigua, C. Com. Kashba, S/N
Snack La Terraza, Av. Italia, 4
Snack-Bar Deutsches Ecq, Av. Italia, 3
Social Konture, Av. Tirajana, 21
Society Bar. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Sol China, Av. Gran Canaria, S/N
Sparkles Show Bar. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Stop Brasil S.L., Av. Tenerife, S/N
Stop In Brasil, Av. Tenerife, S/N
Taipei, Av. Tirajana, 13
Taiwan City, Av. Tirma, 2
Terrys Showbar. Boulevard, CC Yumbo
The Block. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
The Box. Boulevard, CC Yumbo
The Cellar. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Tiflor S.Cv., Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, S/N
Tomas Dominguez de Leon, Av. Tenerife, 8
Tony Chu, Av. Gran Canaria, S/N
Valentines. CC Yumbo
Van Laken, Freddy, Av. Gran Canaria, S/N
Warsteiner Eck, Av. Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, S/N
Wom Night Club. Boulevard, CC Yumbo
Wunderbar. Ground floor, CC Yumbo
Zhen Yao Nin, Av. Tirajana, 1
Zheng, Yindi, Madrid, 1

If you are a bar or restaurant owner, owners friend, bar worker or just a big fan of a particular venue and see it’s not included in our directory, feel free to contact us to suggest additions to our listings.

Images on this page reproduced with permission under Wikimedia Commons License

Playa del Ingles, Gran CanariaPlaya del Ingles, Gran CanariaPlaya del Ingles, Gran CanariaPlaya del Ingles, Gran Canaria