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Elle and Alan

About Alan & Elle

Canary Nightlife is run by former Lanzarote residents Alan Gandy and Elle Draper. Alan & Elle arrived on the island in 2006 from Portsmouth where they were previously living and working. They left in 2012 and now live in Mainland Spain although they still have strong business links with the island.

Since their arrival in Lanzarote, they have established a successful web design, SEO and Internet marketing business, Gandy-Draper, on the island… supplying not only the Canary Islands, but also mainland Spain and the United Kingdom… as well as many other countries around the world.

About Canary Nightlife

The primary aim of this site is for it to be a resource for holidaymakers researching places to eat and drink when visiting the Canary Islands. The site was launched in February of 2007 at which time bars and restaurants paid for inclusion. On relaunch in May of 2012 these charges were scrapped and it is now free to request inclusion for bars and restaurants.


The Internet is constantly evolving,  and through the likes of Social Networking has become far more accessible to bar and restaurant owners. But, although it is relatively simple for venues to set up a page, they are not always easy to find unless you know what you are actually looking for. Canary Nightlife on the other hand ranks extremely well in the Search Engines, and enables users to research what’s on offer far more easily.

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