Arrecife and Playa Honda

Although Arrecife is not renowned for being a tourist area – it is still very well worth a visit.

This is where you will find a large number of Canarian locals, and ex-pats rubbing along together in almost perfect harmony. In fact, over half the island’s population is housed there.Getting around Arrecife is normally best on foot. The roads can be complicated, and it’s very easy to get lost in the town center. There are hundreds of shops to choose from and they tend to have better prices than the main tourist areas.

Arrecife is located very close to the airport, and has everything from shops, to an excellent assortment of bars and restaurants to suit all palates. Well worth a mention is “El charco de Gines,” a saltwater lagoon in the city centre, surrounded by fishermen houses. It is also here, in the capital, that you will find the only high rise building which is a hotel.

The nightlife in Arrecife tends to be very Spanish oriented… with cosy tapas bars, and fantastically smelling restaurants all bustling with conversation and fine company. Arrecife residents are amongst the most welcoming on the Island , and are extremely proud of their heritage.A visit to the harbour in the mornings is a must, if only to observe the fresh fish being haggled over by the locals for the “dish of the day.”

Arrecife is also the corporate centre of Lanzarote, with many legal firms, insurance companies and accountants all jostling to get the next client in their door first.

Playa Honda is predominantly residential, with a glut of superstores, car showrooms, and of course the Deiland Centre, which includes shops, eateries, a cinema and a bowling alley. The prices in the bars and cafes here tend to be lower than the holiday resorts – and it is well worth exploring the back streets to find those hidden Spanish gems.

Featured Bars and restaurants in Arrecife and Playa Honda

Cerveceria Goliath. Avda Playa Honda. Playa Honda
Cerveceria La Terraza Heineken. Deiland Shopping Centre (rear), Playa Honda

Map of bars, restaurants and cafes in Arrecife and Playa Honda

Other bars and restaurants in Arrecife and Playa Honda

Alfred Bar, Cor Bens, 19
Almazara, Almirante Boado Endeiza, 10
Bar Cafeteria el Notario, Gines de Castro y Alvarez, 6
Bar Casa J Antonio, Granada, 11
Bar El Marino, Perez Galdos, 77
Bar el Parral, Hnos Zerolo, 20
Bar la Madrilena, Penas del Chache, 10
Bar Limon, Charco de san Ginés
Bar Oporto. Calle Guanarame, 37 Playa Honda
Bar Pablo, Crucero Baleares, 72
Bar Tarragona, Rosa, 33
Bar Winston, Tinamala, 50
Bart Enrique, San Juan, 2
Brillante, José Antonio Primo de Rivera, 93
Burger King, Carmen, 44
Café Bar Emiliano, Dieciocho de Julio, 30
Caferia Avenida, Av Mancomunidad, 2
Cafeteria Aicha SL, Fayna, 1
Cafeteria Central, Leon y Castillo, 34
Cafeteria Rafael, Otilia Diaz, 14
Cafeteria Suso, Argentina, 46
Cafeteria U.D.Lanzarote, Calle El Isleño (Close to the Stadium)
Casa Angeles, Fenauso, 1
Casa Lage, Tajaraste, 10
Casa Tere. Calle Guanarame, 57. Playa Honda
Castillo de San Jose, Av. Puerto de Naos, S/N
Chef Nizar, Luis Morote, 19
Club Seven, Calle Jose Antonio
Cocepcion Silva Vargas, Mejico, 35
Comedor Ginory, Juan de Quesada, 7
Creperia la Canaleja, Canalejas, 17
Dagigi, Dr. Ruperto González Negrín, 4
Divino Doblon, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, 54
Domingo Armas Tadillo, Mlle Marmoles
Domus Pompei, José Betancort, 19
El Copion, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, 106
El Enyesque, Miguel de Unamuno, 3
El Juzgado, Teruel, 25
El Leito de Proa, Ribera del Charco, 2
El Molino, Av. Naos, 32
El Rincon de Juan, Argentina, 26
El Surtidor, C Los Marmoles, 138
El Tostadero, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, 98
Emmax Restaurant. Avenida Playa Honda, 21. Playa Honda
Eneida Cosme Diaz. Leon y Castillo, 72
Er Cuchitri, Argentina, 86
Gaire. Calle Gaire, 4
Ginory, Juan de Quesada, 9
Granados Sanchez Morales, Granada, 3
Hamburgueseria Avenida Cinco, Ctra los Marmoles, 5
Hamburgueseria Blas, Av. Dr. Rafael González, 8
Hamburgueseria Blas, Cardenal Cisneros, 41
Hamburgueseria Blas, Gral. García Escámez, 95
Harta Vista Bar de Pablo, Crucero Baleares, 68
Hong – Kong, Av. Dr. Rafael González, 6
Hosteria Ramirez y Cedres SL, Perez Galdos, 72
Il Sole di Gelato, Av Fred Olsen, 1
Infoesfera SCP, Gral Garcia Escamez, 50
Jaime Oswaldo Burneo Palacios, Mejico, 10
Justo Gonzales Crespo SL, Gral Garl Garcia Escamez, 131
Korea Japon, Call Triana
La Biosfera
La Bodeguita, José Antonio Primo de Rivera, 103
La Florida, Tres de Mayo, 32
La Montevideana, Carlos Sáenz Infante, 30
La Panaderia, Calle Jose Antonio
La Recoba, Otilia Diaz, 7
La Salida, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, 98
La Union, PI, Constitucion, 16
Lanobras SL, Pje el Velero, 1
Lapo Servicios SL, Perez Galdos, 91
Ledama Lanzarote SL, Dr Gomez Ulla, 8
Lemon Bar, Av. Cesar Manrique, 46
Los Canarios, Leon y Castillo, 39
Los Robles, Calle Princesa Ico, 63, Playa Honda
Lourdes y Maria Sariusca, Leon y Castillo, 191
Mercadillo, Leon y Castillo, 14
Meson Restaurante Pleamar, Calle San Borondon, Playa Honda
Monserrat, Donante de Sangre, 11
Montana Vina, Carlos V, 29
Neko Alimentacion, Alfonso X el Sabio, 33
Papa Miguel, Av. César Manrique, 33
Parque Salina, Tofio, 1
Perez Fernandez A, El Invernadero, 100
Pizza En CasaPizzerías, Méjico, 67
Recreativos lancelot, Leon y Castillo, 31
San Francisco, León y Castillo, 12
Superguay, Canalejas, 51
Telepizza, Av. Mancomunidad, 5
Telepizza, Canalejas, 5
Tentaciones, Tajaraste, 18
Tierra Labranthia SL, Perez Galdos, 22
Tintan, Gral Garcia Escamez, 72

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arrecife, lanzaroteArrecife, LanzaroteArrecife, LanzaroteArrecife, Lanzarote

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