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Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise, Lanzarote’s purpose made resort, is situated just north of Arrecife. 

It translates quite literally into Coast of Teguise, which was Lanzarote’s former capital. The original of the resorts, it is still extremely popular with holidaymakers today. Bars in Costa Teguise definitely have a family focus with plenty of karaoke, live entertainment and Sky Sports available.The restaurants in Costa Teguise are very varied with menus to suit any tastes.With such a wide selection of Costa Teguise bars and restaurants you will be hard pushed to not have a good time – and many visitors return year after year.

Many have bought holiday homes here, or have chosen to relocate here permanently. Costa Teguise has a real charm about it, that will make you wish to return time and time again. From hearty fayre, to superb tapas, and from Italian cuisine to the ever popular British pubs for those who crave good honest hearty meals on their travels – you are guaranteed to find a venue to please you.

Costa Teguise is known for its windy beaches, which make it extremely popular with windsurfers, and those who love the sun – yet find it a bit too hot to simply lay in. The town is probably one of the most spread out resorts, with new buildings being constructed continuously. Whether someone is looking for an all-inclusive vacation in a 5* hotel, or relaxing in a private luxury villa, or even hiding away in a traditional finca, Costa Teguise truly does have it all. The beaches in Costa Teguise are definitely amongst the best in Lanzarote and only a very short distance from the main areas of holiday accommodation.

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