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Macher & Tías

Macher and Tías in Lanzarote run almost parallel with the length of Puerto del Carmen. Despite both areas being predominantly residential, the areas offer some real culinary delights.


Macher is located just north west of Puerto del Carmen, and is on the main LZ2 road that links Arrecife to the south of the Island. It is here that you will find a large Eurospar supermarket, as well as a petrol station and a Sociedad / Teleclub.

Sociedads are well worth a visit, to sample some traditionally Canarian cuisine in a relaxed almost “working man’s club” environment. Do not be put off by a language barrier, it has rarely been an issue here.


Tías is popular as an area to live due to its central location, and is home to some extremely good restaurants, as well as some half decent food shopping. The views over to the coast from the Northern end of Tías are amongst the best on the Island. Becuase it is so central, it offers a great base from which to explore the rest of the Island.

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