Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is situated at the southernmost tip of the island of Lanzarote, and seems to have its own unique weather, away from the rest of island. The bars and restaurants in Playa Blanca are varied and plentiful. 

Flanked by the Femes mountains on one side… and with Montana Roja imposing at the other side, it is sheltered from some of the higher winds, and also claims the highest temperatures on the island. Bars and restaurants in Playa Blanca are mainly concentrated around the centre of town – but there are many other gems just a short distance out amongst the other areas such as Faro Park, La Mulata and Los Coloradas.

The bars in Playa Blanca are a little quieter than Puerto del Carmen – but certainly not lacking. With the focus mainly on family entertainment, you don’t have to go far to hear live singers, or to have a warble on the karaoke. With beautiful white sandy beaches framing the town, edging round to Papagayo (a series of coves with shallow clear waters), it’s also an ideal place to bring the children, and feel safe as they paddle about in the shallow waters.

With all the variety of tourist shops that you would expect, there are also many bars offering low-key entertainment throughout the evening. It’s a little quieter than other resorts in Lanzarote, which suits the visitor seeking a more laid back holiday experience.

The most recent development is the Marina Rubicon. A development of designer shops, and restaurants in beautiful surroundings, positioned right next to the beautiful Marina . Why not take a stroll, and see some of the most spectacular yachts in the Canary Islands.

The promenade in Playa Blanca is host to many top quality cafes and restaurants, where you can sit back and sample either the local or international menu on offer. This is why it is wirth visiting to see what places to eat in Playa Blanca are available. The view across to Fuerteventura is beautiful, and at night you can see Corralejo’s lights twinkling back at you, whilst listening to the waves lapping at the shore.

In addition to the bars and restaurants in the Rubicon Marina, and the many excellent places to eat in Playa Blanca town centre, there are a couple of great commercial centres. Punta Limones has a good selection of karaoke bars, a traditional Irish pub, as well as a late night disco, and a number of shops. CC Papagayo has a great selection of bars, guaranteed to keep you entertained throughout the night. Faro Park has a stretch of shops, bars, and a couple of restaurants & cafes with a more homely feel… and is very popular with the local British and Irish residents.

Just up the mountain from Playa Blanca is the tiny village of Femés. There are 3 restaurants in the town – 2 of which have breathtaking views down to Playa Blanca. Aim to arrive for sunset, but expect a queue as these places fill up fast.

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Featured bars, restaurants and cafes in Playa Blanca

Bar Drago. Calle Irlande, 12. Faro Park

Bowling Club and Bar Strike. Rubimar Shopping Centre. Marina Rubicon

Café Aroma. CC Papagayo

Centro de Ocio Rubimar. CC Rubimar Edif. Anexo. Local 4

Irish Anvil. Punta Limones

Italian Job, The. CC Papagayo

La Chalanita. Avda Maritima, 73

Le Moka. Calle Irlandes, Faro Park

The Lighthouse Café, Calle Irlanda, Faro Park

One Bar. Marina Rubicon

Popeyes Punta Limones

Restaurante de Mar Venue Avda Maritima, El Golfo

The Snug Calle Irlanda, Faro Park

Wax Bar CC Papagayo

Map of featured bars, restaurants and cafes in Playa Blanca

Other bars, restaurants and cafes in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

4 Lunas, Princess Yaiza Boulevard
All Sports Tavern, C.C. Papagayo 72
Almacen de la Sal, Av. Marítima, 20
Aphrodite Little Italy, Marina Rubicon
Aromas Yaiza, La Laja, 1
Atlantis Bar, CC Papagayo
Bar Avenida, Avda Papagayo
Bar Kalima, Punta Limones
Brisa del Mar. Avda Maritima
Brisa Marina, Av. Marítima, 24
Café 34, Limones, 18
Café Berrugo, Rubimar Shopping Centre
Café del Mar, Marina Rubicon
Café Puerto, El Correillo, 39
California Ribs. Marina Rubicon
Cantina Mejicana, Calle Limones, 53
Casa Joaquin, Playa Flamingo, La Lapa, S/N
Casa Jose, Pl. Ntra. Sra. el Carmen, 5
Casa Nicolas, CC El Pueblo
Casa Nuestra, CC El Pueblo
Casa Pedro, Av. Marítima, 17
Casale Franco. CC Papagayo
Cervantes, Av. Papagayo, 37
Charrua’s, CC Papagayo, SN
Cheersmate. Punta Limones
China City, Av Maritima, 18
C’Mon Inn (formerly The Inn Plaice) Punta Limones
Cocina de Colacho. Avda Papagayo
Coffee Express. Calle La Laja
Commendatote Trattoria, Marina Rubicon
Contin Gelateria Italiana, Avda Maritima, 32
Contin Restaurante, Avda Maritima, 32
Deutsche Bäckerei, Avda Maritima
DJ’s Bar, CC Papagayo
Don Camillo Grill, Av. Marítima, S/N
Don Giovanni, Princess Yaiza Boulevard
Dorada Beach, Av. Marítima, S/N
Drago’s. Calle Irlande, Faro Park
Eclipse Bar (formerly Rooftops). Punta Limones
El Argentino, CC La Mulata
El Bodegon Las Tapas, Limones, 53
El Galeon, La Chalana, 7
El Horno de La Abuela, La Tegala, 10
El Maño Casa de Comidas, Marina Rubicon
El Marisco Casa Brigida, La Lapa, 2
El Mirador, Marina Rubicon
El Pescador (Formerly Pinxtos), Av. Maritima, 23
Europa Pizzeria, CC Papagayo
Fazz’s Indian Restaurant. Rubimar Shopping Centre
Galeria Bar. Calle Terminito, 21
Global House. Marina Rubicon
Gravity Bar. Avda Papagayo
Great World Chinese Restaurant, Avda Maritima
Hong Kong City, Av. Papagayo, 15
Illusion. Punta Limones
Indian Tandoor House, Calle Limones 4
Isla de Lobos, Princess Yaiza Boulevard
Jasmine Chinese Restaurant, Avda Papagayo
Jumbo Chinese Restaurant, Avda Maritima
Jungle Bar, CC Papagayo
L’Artista, El Terminito, 33
La Casa Roja, Marina Rubicon
Tiramisu (formerly La Cuadra) Calle Limones, 51
La Esquina, Av. Canarias, 1
La Falafa, Av. Papagayo, S/N
La Gelateria, Princess Yaiza Boulevard
La Hacienda. Princesa Yaiza Hotel. Avenida Papagayo
La Piazzetta. Princesa Yaiza Hotel. Avenida Papagayo
La Taberna, Av. Marítima, 23
La Taberna, Prto. Marina Rubicon, 45
La Terracita, Limones, 51
Lani’s Snack Bar, Grill and Gelatería. Marina Rubicon
Las Coloradas Pub. CC El Pueblo, Las Colorados
Los Bodegon, Avda Maritima
Legends, Punta Limones
Mamma Rossa, Avda Maritima
Marina Bar (formerly Buccaneer), Rubimar Shopping Centre
Mollies Irish Pub, CC Papagayo
Moulin de Paris, Marina Rubicon
My Salchichas. Avda Papagayo
New Brilliant. Punta Limones
New Orleans Restaurante, CC Papagayo
Old Mill, Av. Papagayo, 4
One Bar, Marina Rubicon
Plaice In The Sun CC Papagayo
Playa Blanca Cafeteria, Avda Papagayo
Playa Los Limones, Av. Canarias, 6
Popeye’s, Punta Limones
Port of Call. Calle Irlande. Faro Park
Pulgatorio, Marina Rubicon
Restaurant Isla de Lobos. Princesa Yaiza Hotel. Avenida Papagayo
Restaurantes la Giralda, Marina Rubicon
Restaurante los Hervideros, Calle el Marisco
Restaurante Playa Blanca, Avda Maritima
Restaurant Yaiza. Princesa Yaiza Hotel. Avenida Papagayo
Restaurante Tipico Español, Avda Papagayo
Rincon Playa II, Av. Marítima, 11
Roca Mar, Avda Maritima
Samsara Lounger Bar. Calle Correillo, 14. (opp. the Correos)
Sandra’s, Avda Papagayo
Sidreria Arenna, Avda Maritima
Slow Boat, Av. Papagayo, 9
Slow Boat 2, Avda Maritima
Spices, Avda Maritima
Sports Bar, Los Colerados
Suncity, Limones, 33
Sweet Corner Beach Club, Avda Maritima
Taberna, Marina Rubicon
Taberna Godino, Av. Papagayo, S/N
Tapas, Princess Yaiza Boulevard
Terrace Bistro, CC Papagayo
Timanfaya Palace Restaurante, Urb. Montaña Roja, S/N
Tipico Canario, Av. Marítima, 36
Vaca Tijuana, Av. Marítima, S/N
Varadero, Av. Marítima, 21
Vivoli Caffee. Calle Limones, 131

Bars in Playa Blanca LanzaroteBars in Playa Blanca LanzaroteRestaurants in Playa Blanca LanzaroteBars in Playa Blanca Lanzarote
Coach and Horses, The. Punta Limones

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