Puerto del Carmen and Matagorda

For Lanzarote bars and restaurants, Puerto del Carmen certainly has everything you could ask from your holiday. 

The largest and busiest resort in Lanzarote – Puerto del Carmen,  has over 40 Irish pubs of its own, a good selection of Celtic bars and English pubs, and traditional Spanish bars, German bars to name but a few… plus a huge selection of places to eat with almost every kind of food you can think of.

It is here that the busiest parties go on until the early hours. With the party set having fixed their sights on the town – it can only go from strength to strength.

About 15 minutes drive from Arrecife airport, Puerto del Carmen boasts around 5km of broad, sandy beaches as well as a wide variety of places to eat and drink and it remains a popular destination for holidaymakers from far and wide. With a wide range of activities on offer for all, it is suitable for singles, couples, and for families.

Made up of a ‘new’ and ‘old’ town, Puerto del Carmen has no tall buildings and almost all of them are unpretentious. It’s the ideal holiday resort for sun worshippers, with the beautiful Playa Grande beach, And as for the party-reveler who loves wining, dining and dancing… there is a massive selection of bars & eateries, tavernas and discotheques.

Puerto del Carmen lays claim to being the most popular tourist destination on the island, and has a diversity that will suit most tastes. The Old Town has managed to retain its traditional Canarian atmosphere. Most nights you can see the locals playing boules in the Old Town Harbour, sample some of the finest seafood known to man, or simply enjoy a glass of the local wine as you gaze across the water.

The Old Town has more of a Spanish feel to it. With its sea facing restaurants all serving fresh fish and meat dishes – it is a hive of activity. Currently the harbour area is undergoing an overhaul which will enhance the great atmosphere already there.

The New Town (or “The Strip” as it’s more commonly known) is bustling with activity. Again, this has a wide range of bars and restaurants available, as well as discotheques for working off some of those excess calories you’ve picked up from your Lanzarote holiday.

The busiest of areas on the strip is agreed by most as being Centro Atlantico with a multitude of floors on which you can find a variety of bars, clubs, and showbars.

The Biosfera shopping centre is certainly worth a visit, with 4 floors of shops and bars. An impressive area which really comes to life when the sun sets. There’s even a kiddies’ play area to keep them occupied whilst you haggle with the shopkeepers for the latest bargains.

The other end of The Strip brings you to Los Pocillos, a thriving hub of bars, shops and restaurants. Situated right opposite Playa Los Pocillos – the bars here are full of bargains. Large beer for just €1.50 and cracking food deals await you here, as well as a bouncing night’s entertainment. From here, all along the seafront to Matagorda there are plenty of good restaurants, and fun bars.

Matagorda is more laid back than The Strip, but is certainly not shy about giving you a lively night out. With karaoke and live entertainment, there are many bars here all clambering for your attention. Just outside of the commercial centre in Matagorda, and towards Arrecife is a perfect spot for plane-spotters as the aircraft land close by… swooping in low over the beach bringing happy travellers to the Island.

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Featured bars, restaurants and cafes in Puerto del Carmen and Matagorda

Atomic Revolution. Adva de Las Playas

Bottles Bar. Calle Nicaragua y Calle Cesar Manrique

Bozena’s Bar & Restaurant (formerly known as Bodeco’s). Calle Teide, 6. Old Town

Brendan Behan. Old Town

Caballito de Mar. Avda de Las Playas, CC Jameos Playa 26-27

Charlie’s Bar. Centro Atlantico. Avenida de Las Playas

Christy’s Bar. Avenida de Las Playas, 35

Craic n Ceol. Calle Los Jameos, 7. Old Town

Da Vinci Pizzeria & Grill. Avda de Las Playas, 76

Dreamers Bar Los Pocillos

El Tomate y Tomatissimo. Calle Los Jameos

Eliro Greek Cafe Bar. Avd. Juan Carlos 1

Emma’s Cantina Mexicana. Calle Teide 20, Old Town

Friends Bar and Restauraunt, CC Maratimo 16, Avenida de Las Playas

Gran Casino de Lanzarote. Avda. de las Playas. CC Pequeña Europa Nº. 12

The Harp Bar. CC Costa Luz. Avenida de Las Playas

Highlander Too. CC Montana Tropical L1 & L2

Irish Harbour Bar. Calle Teide, 2. Old Town

Jungla Bar. Los Pocillos

Kinsale. CC Jameos Playa. Los Pocillos

Kristian’s Restaurant. Calle Teide, 8. Old Town

La Brisa. CC Matagorda, 21. Matagorda

Meson Café Masala. Avenida de Las Playas

Mulligan’s Irish Bar. Avenida de Las Playas

Murphy’s Irish Pub. Avenida de Las Playas

Old Town Sports Bar, Calle Teide, No 3

Pizzeria Italica. CC Jameos 66. Avda Playa Centro. Matagorda

Pizzeria Napoletana. Avda de Las Playas

The Pool Shack. Lago Verde, Old Town

Rare Auld Times. Roque Nublo. Old Town

Restaurante Casa Cabaña. Calle Teide, 9. Old Town

Spenders Bar. Calle Anzuelo

The Sussex Tavern. Calle Nicaragua

Tequila Lounge Bar. CC Atlantico. Avenida de Las Playas

Tito’s Karaoke Fun Bar. Avenida De Las Playas 12

The Venue. CC Maritimo. Avda de Las Playas

Map of bars, restaurants and cafes in Puerto del Carmen, Matagorda and Los Pocillos

Other bars, restaurants and cafes in Puerto del Carmen and Matagorda

928 Dance Club. Avda de Las Playas
Ache Bar. Centro Atlantico
Agadir, Av. Playas, S/N
American Indian Cafe, Av. Playas, 35
Antica Trattoria DI Perona, Av. Playas, 53
Arepera Choclo y Millo Porque No, Av. Playas, 18
Arthur’s Bar. Centro Maritimo, Avda de Las Playas
Asian Palace. Avda de Las Playas
Atomic Revolution, C/C Atlantico, Av Playas
Auld Triangle, The. Matagorda Centre
Babilla, Av. Playas, 89
Back Paradies. Avda de las Playas
Bagatela, Av. Playas, 8
Balali, Av. Playas, 35
Balandros la Tinosa SL, Reina Sofia, 29
Balte House, Gramillo, S/N
Bar Deutsches Eck, Reina Sofía, 26
Bar Somewhere, Old Town
Bar Tonga, Old Town
Barge Inn, Av. Playas
Baruffa, Juan Carlos I, 15
Beach Club Paradise
Big Apple, Centro Atlantico
Black & White Bar, C/C Atlantico, Av Playas
Boathouse Bar (formerly Python’s Bar) Los Pocillos
Bodega Jose Carvery. Avda Varadero, 22. Old Town Harbour
Bodegon el Campesino, Calle Bernal
Bodran Irish Bar, Calle Anzuelo
Bottles Bar, C/C Atlantico
Bourbon Street, Old Town
Brendan Behan. Jardines del Puerto, 7 (formerly La Hoya). Old Town
Brian Boru, C/C La Tabaiba
Brithis, Toscón, 6
Brothers Bar, C/C Atlántico, S/N
Bulldog, The. Montaña Tropical
Burger King, Av. Playas, S/N
Caesars, C/C Atlantico
Café del Carmen. Avda de Las Playas
Cafe Latina. CC Biosfera
Cafe Roma, Av Playas
Cafeteria Colisseum – CC Biosfera
Caipininha Restaurant
Cangrejo Rojo, Old Town
Capri Pizzeria, Av. Playas, 39
Carpe Diem. CC Atlantico. Avenida de Las Playas
Casa Cabaña. Calle Teide, 9. Old Town
Casa Carmen, Av. Playas, 69
Casa Parmigiano, Alegranza, 1
Casa Siam Thai Restaurant, CC La Penita 22, Av. Playas
Casa Tino Frutos del Mar, Roque Nublo, 11
Celtic Inn, C/C Costa Mar, Los Pocillios
Cerveseria San Miguel, Old Town
Chadwicks, Old Town
Chango Musica Latina. CC Atlantico
Charlie’s Bar, C/C Atlantico
Charming Garden, Av. Playas, S/N
Chill Inn,The.  Centro Olivin
China, Av. Playas, S/N
Chiquito. Avda de Las Playas
Churrasco, Juan Carlos I, 18
Clansman, The. Avda de Las Playas
Club 928
Club Manhattan Glamour. CC Maritima 39, Avenida de Las Playas
Codfather. CC La Penita
Conny’s Horseshoe Bar. CC Matagorda, 86. Matagorda
Crafty Cow, C/C Montana Tropical
Craic n’ Ceol, Calle Los Jameos
Crowded House, Old Town
Dave’s Irish Steak House. Avda de Las Playas
Deslandia SL, Av. Playas, 8
Diamante, Av. Playas, 22
Diamond Cocktail Bar. Avda de Las Playas
Disco Ibiza. Centro Atlantico
Dismani, Av. Playas, 43
Dog & Duck, Old Town
Dolomite, Av Las Playas
Don Camilo I, Av. Playas, 67
Dorada Bar, Reina Sofia
Double Six. Calle Bajamar, 20. Old Town
Drago, Av. Playas, S/N
Dragon Canton, Av. Playas, S/N
Dreamers Bar, Matagorda
Drunken Monkey (formerly Bus Stop Café / Catlanza Café), opposite Biosfera
Drop Inn, Calle Anzuelo
Dubliner, The. C/C Atlantico
El Alamo, Gueldera, 1
El Ancla, Av. Varadero, 2
El Asador, Av. Varadero, S/N.
El Barquillo, Juan Carlos I, 15
El Bodegon, Av. Varadero, S/N
El Bodegon, Tenerife, 14
El Burro Restaurant. Reina Sofia, 36. Old Town
El Charro Mejicano, Av. Playas, 38
El Dorado, Guardilama, S/N
El Drago Restaurante. Avda de Las Playas
El Golfo, Juan Carlos I, 2
El Guanche, Av. Playas, 88
El Marinero, Bajamar, 10
El Mexicano. Avda de las Playas
El Orreo Casa Gallega, Av. Playas, 62
El Puerto, Old Town
El Quijote, Bernegal, 11
El Sardinero, Ntra. Sra. el Carmen, 1
El Tomate, Jameos, 8
Emperor Chinese Restaurant. Calle Cesar Manrique
Emporium, C/C Atlantico
Enigma Funky House Bar. (Formerly Piccadilly) Centro Atlantico, Avda de Las Playas
Fiddler’s Green, CC Los Pocillos
Fishbowl, The. Calle Reina Sofia 20
Fisherman’s Inn. Calle Teide. Old Town
Fire Bar, C/C Atlantico
Flanagans Showbar, Old Town
Flat Boat, Old Town
Flintstones Bar. Calle Teide, 28
Flying Dutchman. Avda de Las Playas
Freddy’s Bar, Centro Olivin, Old Town
Funny Farm, Matagorda Centre
Galleon I, Avda de Las Playas
Galleon II, Avda de Las Playas
Gambrinus, Juan Carlos I, S/N
Garage Pub. Centro Atlantico
Golden Corner. Avda de Las Playas
Golden Sun Chinese Restaurant. Calle Cesar Manrique
Gonten Sun, C/C Atlántico, 41, Av Playas
Goofy Burger, Av. Playas, 35
Gran Casino. Avda de Las Playas
Gran Shanghai, Av. Playas, 44
Grapevine. Calle Chalana ,5
Grasshopper Bar, Avda de Las Playas
Great Wall. Avda de Las Playas
Griego Santorini, Av. Playas, 103
Grill la Brasa, Av. Playas, 35
Grill Sirocco, Av. Playas, S/N
Groucho Snack Bar. CC Costa Luz
Guacia, Bernegal, 4
Hannoven I, Av. Playas, S/N
Ha’penny Inn, The. Jardines del Puerto, Old Town
Hawaiian Bar, Av. Playas, 74
Heavenly Delights. Jardines del Puerto, Old Town
Heladeria Isla Italiana. Avda de Las Playas
Highlander, The. C/C Montana Tropical
Hippodrome, C/C Atlantico
Hong Kong, Av. Playas, 15
Hong Kong, Av. Playas, 182
Hong Kong, Tenerife, 17
Hong Kong City, Av. Playas, 69
Hot Line International Bar, Av Playas
Hot Spot. CC La Penita
Iamond Comercial SL., Guayadeque, 3
Il Buongusto Café. Avda de Las Playas
Il – Colosseo, Juan Carlos I, S/N
Indian Aroma. Avda de Las Playas, 14
Indian Curry House. CC Maritimo
Indian Rock Cafe
Indian Tandoor Palace. Avda de Las Playas
Indian Zaffran, Shopping Center Olivin, Calle Juan Carlos I
Internacional, Av. Italia, 3
Irish Harbour Bar, Old Town
Irish Poitin Still, Old Town
Irish Viking, Doramás, 8
Isla de Los Volcanes SL., Géiser, 3
Isla de Los Volcanes SL., Los Volcanes, 17
Italiana, Juan Carlos I, S/N
Jazzy James Cocktail Lounge Bar, Fariones
Jinty McGinty’s, Reina Sofia
Joe Smokes. Avda de Las Playas
JukeBox, C/C La Hoya
Jumping Jacks. Centro Atlantico
Katharina Bar. Avda de Las Playas
Keane’s Bar, Fariones
La Avenida Tex Mex. Avda de Las Playas
La Bamba. Calle Geise, 1. Old Town
La Brasa Restaurante Grill, Av Las Playas, 35
La Braseria. Avda de Las Playas
La Brisa, Av. Playas, S/N
La Cañada. Calle Cesar Manrique
La Cancela, Av. Playas, 69
La Casa Roja, Av. Varadero, 22
La Cascada, Roque Nublo, 5
La Dolce Vita. Avda de Las Playas
La Fontana. Avda de Las Playas
La Gruta, Av. Playas, 56
La Ola, Av. Playas, 10
La Paloma. Avda de Las Playas
La Ponderosa I, Av. Playas, 12
La Ponderosa II, Av. Playas, 9
La Rueda, Av. Playas, 42
La Taberneta, Tenerife, 11
La Traviata. Avda de Las Playas
Lani’s Cantina. Avda de Las Playas
Lani´s Grill, Av. Playas, 43
Lanis Bistro, Pedro Barba, 10
Lanis Grill, Av. Playas, 5
Lani’s Restaurant Café. Avda de Las Playas
Lanis Terraza, Av. Playas, 41
Lanis, Av. Playas, 29
Lanzaitalica, Av. Playas, S/N
Las Arenas, Av.Playas
Las Vegas, Gueldera, 6
Linekers Bar. Av. Playas
Lips Bar, C/C Atlantico
Liquid Club, C/C Atlantico
Loon Fung, Av. Playas, 34
Los Claveles, Juan Carlos I, 18
Los Italianos. Avda de Las Playas
Los Marineros, Tenerife, 10
Lunchbox, The. 26 Avenida de Las Playas
Luz y Mar Pool Bar, Luz y Mar Apartment Complex
Madrase Marsaala’s. Avda de Las Playas
Mandraque Kebab Restaurant. Calle Cesar Manrique
Mar Adentro, Mercurio, 1
Mar Casa Benito, Av. Varadero, 14, Old Town
Mar de Levar Restaurant
Mardevella, Los Infantes, 10
Marios, Toscón, 7
Maritoni, Av. Playas, S/N
Matagorda, Gramillo, 11
Matchmakers, C/C La Hoya
Mcdonald´s, Av. Playas, S/N
Mcdonald´s, Marte, S/N
Meson do Mariñeiro. Avda de Las Playas
Mexicano el Cuate. CC Matagorda
Mickey Burger. CC Columbus.
Minigolf Aquarium. Avda de Las Playas
Molly Malones. Avda de Las Playas
Monica MM Nightclub. Avda de Las Playas
Montmartre Restaurant, Calle Jameos, 5
Moy Bar & Restaurant. Apartments Ocean Lanzamar, Calle Las Majadas
Mucky Duck , Casino
Nancy Spain’s Irish Bar. CC Atlantico
Ned Kelly’s. CC Costa Luz
New Inn (T/A Chev’s), CC Matagorda, Matagorda
New Londoner Chip Shop, behind Bagatela’s
New World, Anzuelo, 1
Nellie Byrnes. Calle Teide. Old Town
Niki Beach. CC Atlantico
O Botafumeiro, Alemania, 9
O’Briens Irish Bar. CC Atlantico
Ocean Burger, Av. Varadero, 10
O’Donoghues Irish Bar, C/C Atlantico, Local 31
One Hour Less SL., Av. Playas, 28
Owl & Pussycat. CC La Penita
Palms. Avda de Las Playas
Papagayo Beach Steak House, Av. Playas, 19
Pappadam. CC Maratimo. Avda de Las Playas
Paradise Beach Club. CC Columbus. Avda de Las Playas
Parranderos Cubanos SL, Mesana, 12
Pasteleria Lolita. Avda de Las Playas, 41
Patio Chiquito, Av. Playas, 29
Pavarotti Pizzeria. CC Costa Luz
Peking Garden, Call Reina Sofia, 34
Picnic Tropical, Doramás, 1
Pink Pussy, Old Town
Pinocchio. CC Atlantico
Pizzeria Italiana, C/Carlos I, C/C Olivin
Pizzeria Luci, Teide, 35
Pizzeria Luigis, Av. Playas, 53
Pizzeria Napolitana, Av. Playas, 90
Pizzeria San Marco. Calle Juan Carlos, CC Olivin
Place, Av. Playas, 40
Playa Mar Restaurante. Avda de Las Playas
Poppadom. CC Maritimo, Avenida de Las Playas
Prudencio Alfaya Barcia, Juan Carlos I, 22
Pub el Sardinero, Ntra. Sra. El Carmen, 1
Puerto Bahia, Av. Varadero, 5, Old Town
Puerto Canario. Harbour, Old Town
Puerto Viejo, Av. Varadero, 7
Pub, C/C Montana Tropical
Purple Turtle, Reina Sofia
Qian Dong LI, Roque Nublo, 14
Redz, Centro Atlantico
Redz II, CC Caleton Blanca, Avda de Las Playas
Rendesvous, Calle Doramas
Restaurante Pizzeria Pulcinella SL, Av Playas, S/N
Restaurante Sirocco. CC Matagorda
Rias Gallegas, Reina Sofía, 22
Rick’s Bar, C/C Atlantico
Roma, Av. Playas, S/N
Ruta 66, Av. Playas
Rumm Bar, Old Town Harbour
Russell’s Place, Old Town
Saltos Molina CJ., Av. Playas, 17
Sapolo, Gramillo, S/N
Scarborough Fayre, Avda de Las Playas
Scarlet’s Bar, C/C Matagorda
Scotch Corner, Old Town
Scotties Comedy Club. Avda de las Playas
Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, Av. de Las Playas, 47
Slow Boat, Isas, 2
Slow Boat III, Avda de Las Playas
Snow Board, Av. Playas, S/N
Sol y Mar (formerly Mucky Duck II), Los Pocillos
Sol y Sombra Cocktail Bar
Space Bar, C/C Atlantico
Spanish Inn. Av. Playas
Spanking Monkey, Old Town
Sports Bar las Tabibas, Avenida de las Puerto del Carmen
St Patrick’s Well, Old Town
Star Bar, Av. Cesar Manrique (behind Centro Atlantico)
Sunset Beach, C./C Morana
Sussex Bar25 C/C Atlantico
Sweet Ice Gelateria. Avda de Las Playas
T&T Leisure SL, Av. Playas, 41
T&T Leisure SL, Roque Nublo, 21
Tahiti Cyber Café. Avda de Las Playas
Tamaragua, Tenerife, 2
Tapas Tree, C/C Montana Tropical
Tartan Teddy. CC Jardines del Puerto, 1-2 (formerly CC La Hoya), Old Town
Taste of India. Los Pocillos
Tavern, Av. Playas
Teppanyaki Nippon, Roque Nublo, 13 – 15
Tequila Bar, Av. Playas
Terraza del Casíno, Av. Playas
Tesoro de Oro, Calle Juan Carlos, 3
Timabaya Restaurant, Matagorda
Tiny’s Bar, Av. Playas, 56
Tipsy’s Bistro Cafe Bar, Calle Reina Sofia, 22
Titti Trollops Music Hall Tavern, CC La Penita 19, Av. Playas
Toby Jug, Av Playas
Tomatissimo. Jameos, 3
Top Gun. Avda de Las Playas.
Travellers Inn, Av Playas (next to McDonalds)
Tres Peñas Casa Manolo, Reina Sofía, 42
Tropical, Av. Playas, S/N
TSE, Chalana, 2
Turtles, Reina Sofía, 32
Universo, Av. Playas, 25
Viking House (Viking – Huset). Avenida de Las Playas, 17. Floor 2. Las Tabayas
Vikingo, Doramás, 8
Waikiki Beach Club, C/C Atlantico
Waterfront, The, Old Town
Way West, Av. Playas, 38
Welcome Inn, C/C Jardines del Puerto, Old Town
Welcome Restaurant. Avda de Las Playas
Whale-n-Ale Bar, C/C La Penita
Wheel, The. CC Olivin, 22. Old Town
Yates. C/C Montana Tropical
Yum Yum. Av de las Playas, 54

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