It’s now free to have your own page for a bar, restaurant, café, disco or related business on Canary Nightlife. If you sell food and drink for eating in, or for take-away – we want to give you a FREE page on this website! We welcome submissions from all of the Canary Islands.

All you have to do is complete the form below – but remember, the more information you give us the better your write up will look. We also have a minimum requirement of at least 3 suitable photographs (details on how to send them to us are below the submission form). f you would like to email us any of your menus, that’s great too! Just fill in the form and we’ll handle the rest!

What do you have to lose – who can say no to free advertising?

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    Please email any and all photographs and menus to and be sure to include the name of your business in the email itself.

    If you are a customer who’d like to see your favourite business, why not suggest them to us using our contact form page – simply send us the name of the business, website address or Facebook page or email address.

    The owners of Canary Nightlife retain editorial control and reserve the right, on very rare occasions, to refuse inclusion on any grounds they see fit without discussion.


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