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Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos is located on the south coast of Tenerife… and is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Island.


Originally a quaint fishing village, Los Cristianos has evolved into a haven for sun worshippers… with fine dining, shopping and water activities also – making it the perfect place to spend your holiday. If you fancy something a little more boisterous of an evening, then Playa de Las Americas is just a short taxi ride away.

Bars in Los Cristianos are varied and bustling with everything from Irish pubs to traditional tapas bars. Food is plentiful and varied also with seafood, fresh meat dishes, vegetarian fayre – if you want to eat it, it’s here – Chinese, Mexican, English, Italian, and of course Spanish are available just for starters.

The original part of the resort is the harbour area, with its stunning mountain backdrop, and this then stretches up through to the shopping district where you can haggle for bargains. There is a market on Sundays close to the Arona hotel where you can pick up gifts for friends and family.

The beach of Playa de Las Vista is considered amongst the best in the area, with its Saharan sand. This is a man made beach and great for topping up your tan. All in all the beaches in Los Cristianos are of an excellent standard, with plenty to keep the family occupied.

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Featured Bars, restaurants and cafes in Los CristianosSan Telmo

Balu Family Bar. San Telmo

Claddagh Irish Bar. San Telmo

Cruise Inn. Victoria Court, 1. Avda Tamesis

Oliver’s Restaurant. Edf. Cerramar. Calle Hermano Pedro de Betancourt

Summerlands Poolside Bar. Summerlands Complex. Calle Boston, 4

Tapasbar La Costa. San Telmo

Map of restaurants, bars and cafes in Los Cristianos

Other bars, cafes, restaurants and discos in Los Cristianos

Agua de Coco. Avenida La Habana 17B
Amigos. Paseo Maritimo
Argentinian Steakhouse. Calle Noruega 2
Aristocats. Cristianos 3
Bar el Cine. Juan Bariajo, Playa de Los Cristianos
Bistro. Calle Menendez 18
Bluebell Bar. Nr Avenida Juan Carlos, Playa de los Cristianos
Cabanas. Edificio Bucanero. Avenida Maritima
Camarillo Magic Bar. Peatonal Madrid 9
Cheers Bar. San Marino
Chicagos. Paseo Maritimo. Avda Juan Carlos
Chill Out Tenerife. Paseo Las Vistas, Local 4
Churchills. Playa de los Cristianos
Claddagh Irish Bar. Calle San Telmo, 6
Claret’s Restaurant. Chayofa
Croquant. Avenida. General Franco
Dail Fountain Bar. Calle Peatonal Madrid
Danny’s Bar. Playa de Los Cristianos
Desperate Dan’s. Avda Juan Carlos
Dreamers. Playa de los Cristianos
El Pacha. San Telmo
El Rincon de Gonzalo. Calle San Roque, 1.
Fu Xing Chinese Restaurant. Opposite Apart Comodoro
Goodfellas Bar. Las Vistas Beach. San Telmo
Hartys Bar. Compostela Beach
Heladeria 4D Cafeteria. Calle Gral. Franco 33
Heritage. San Marino
Indian Restaurant. Avenida Suecia 48
Irish Times. Avda Juan Carlos, Playa de los Cristianos
Irish Welcome. Edf Bahia
La Cava. c/ El Cabezo
La Costa. CC San Telmo
La Croissanterie. Calle Pablo Abril 8
La Estancia. Urb. Las Aguilas del Teide, Chayofa
La Fontana. Fontana Square, Playa de los Cristianos
La Forchetta. Calle Monaco
La Taberna Del Puerto. Paseo Maritimo
La Tasca de Mi Abuelo. Apartments San Marino, Local 13
Market Tavern, Paloma Beach, Avienda Juan Carlos 1
Merry Monk. C.C. Apollo
Original Bistro. Playa de los Cristianos
Overseas Oriental Kitchen. Apartments San Marino, Local 11-12
Oyster Catcher Restaurant Bar. Avenida de Amsterdam
Pascal la Restaurant. Lucila Barrios, 1
Piccolo. Avendia de Sucia
Pithaya. Hacienda del Mar
Plan B. Calle Juan Reveron Sierra
Porkies Bar. San Marino
Rob Roy Bar
Rosie’s Cantina. Urb. Oasis del Sur, Royal Palm
Rovers Return. Compostela Beach Shopping Centre
Sali Playa. Avda Alfonso Bautista 14
San Telmo Kiosk. Paseo Las Vistas,
Shires Pub. CC Apollo
Subway. Calle Cuan Bariajo 2
Taylors Bar
Ukelele. Av. La Habana 11 – Loc. 18
Victory. CC Apollo

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Los Cristianos, TenerifeLos Cristianos, TenerifeLos Cristianos, TenerifeLos Cristianos, TenerifeLos Cristianos, TenerifeLos Cristianos, TenerifeLos Cristianos, Tenerife