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Night time in Playa de Las Americas, Tenerife, is where just about anything goes, especially during the busiest period – from mid June to mid September.


The place to head for is the central stretch of “Veronicas”. Here you’ll find the busiest and best club nights, while revellers and partygoers line the streets until the early hours. Top tunes are played in the bars, as well as the clubs, and host DJs are flown in from around the planet for special events.This is definitely an island where a siesta is a good idea… so you can keep going with the best of them through to the early hours.

The resort is hardly Canarian at all, and is full of fish & chip shops, and fast food outlets. It’s also highly worth recommending The Patch, and Starco Commercial Centre. The Patch offers a more family oriented environment, with a commercial centre that has plenty of restaurants, bars and shops. If cabaret and karaoke are your choice, then you won’t be disappointed here. Children are made to feel extremely welcome, and are encouraged to get interactive with the entertainment on offer.

This is not a resort for those seeking a quiet time. No, it is definitely for those wanting wild nights, loud music, boisterous entertainment, and a medley of nationalities all rubbing shoulders in their quest for excitement and partying.

The resort was started in the 1960s, and has since grown considerably to become a mecca for party-lovers the world over. The beaches offer a range of water based activities, and the scuba diving there is a must.

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Featured Bars and Restaurants in Playa de las Americas

Branigans. Starco Centre

Next Door Bar & Terrace. Malibu Park Hotel. Calle Italia. San Eugenio Alto

Shortys. Pueblo Canario, Adeje.

Tropical Tapas Bar. Calle Managua

Vivo Decades Treasure Island Avda Rafael Puig, 7.

Map of featured bars, restaurants and cafes in Playa de Las Americas, Tenerife

Other bars, restaurants and cafes in Playa de Las Americas

Abraido S.L., Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina, S/N
Amanda’s Bar. Torviscas
April Fool Bar. San Telmo. Los Cristianos
Artomarin S.L., Av. Américas, S/N
Bar 39. Los Cristianos
Bar Angel, Gran Bretaña, S/N
Bar Casa Toño, Av. Antonio Domínguez, S/N
Bar Diva Mariana, Av. Eugenio Domínguez Alfonso, S/N
Bar Restaurante La Rosa, Av. V Centenario, 1
Bar Splash, Países Bajos (San Eugenio), S/N
Beavers Bar. The Patch
Big Foot Aventura S.L., Av. Bruselas (C. Com. Playa Fañabe), 12
Blue Lagoon, Antonio Navarro, S/N
Buromais S.L., Arqto. Gómez Cuesta, S/N
Cafe Italia, París, 7
Cafeteria Abora, Av. Antonio Domínguez, S/N
Cafeteria Drago, Av. V Centenario, 1
Cafeteria Prado, Av. Américas, S/N
Cafeteria Viena, Colón, 5
Cafeteria-Bar San Eugenio, Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina, 35
Cascabeiro Inmobiliaria S.L., Baleares (Torviscas Alto), S/N
Chessie’s Bar. Los Cristianos
Chicago’s Bar. Los Cristianos
Claddagh Bar. San Telmo. Los Cristianos
Club Marina, Colón, S/N
Club Sandwich, San Eugenio
Cristina, Av. Europa, 25
Dagoca S.A., Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina, 66
Den Cafe, Londres, S/N
Dropinn Beach S.L, Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina, S/N
El Parque, Av. Marítima, S/N
El Picoteo, Av. Los Pueblos, S/N
El Senado, Londres, 6
Emex Imex S.L., Managua, 29
Escotel S.L., Arqto. Gómez Cuesta, 6
Estasur, Av. Los Pueblos, Km 105
Esteban Trapero Trapero, Valencia, S/N
Fitzpatrick’s Bar, San Rafael, Local 1
Flanagans Bar, Americas Shopping Centre
Florida Park-Bar, Finlandia (San Eugenio Alto), 3
Francis I, Av. Los Pueblos, S/N
Garbatella S.L., Av. Marítima, S/N
Garbatella S.L., Luis Díaz de Losada, 7
Garfield’s Bar. San Eugenio
Garibaldi, Avda. Rafael Puig
Happy Days 2, Av. Américas, S/N
Harley’s Restaurant, Puerto Colon
Harry Ramsdon’s Fish & Chips. Apollo Centre. Los Cristianos
Horizon, Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina, S/N
Howard , Laurence Leonard, Av. Los Pueblos, S/N
Inn The Pink, Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina, S/N
Instalaciones Playa Bahia Del Duque, Londres, 2
Jack’s Bar. Playa Azul
Japanese Teppanyaki, CC Safari
Jazzisimo Tenerife S.L., Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina, 12
Khong Tsha, Parque Santiago III. Av. Litoral
Konig Inn, Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina, 6
La Forteleza del Mar, Puerto Colon
La Trattoria, Parque Santiago III., Av. Litoral
Latifka S.L., Gran Bretaña, 1
Mac Aronis, Puerto Colon
Mamma Rossa, Apartamentos Colon II
Maracatu S.L., Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina, S/N
Mastit Restauracion S.L., Playa Del Duque, S/N
Matrix Club I S.L., Av. Ernesto Sarti, 7
Merry Monk. Los Cristianos
Milhanni, Av. Ernesto Sarti, 2
Monte Cristo, Mare Verde
Monterosa Canarias S.L, Londres, 49
Murphy’s Bar, Torres del Jomely, Local 6
Nautico, Eugenio Domínguez Alfonso, S/N
News Cafe, Av. Ernesto Sarti, S/N
Oasis Bar Eucalyptus. Los Cristianos
Ogies Tenerife S.L., Av. Noelia Afonso Cabrera, S/N
Oyster Catcher Bar and Grill. El Mirador. Los Cristianos
Palms Bar. Calle Europa. San Eugenio Alto
Patch, Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina, S/N
Pier One Bar & Restaurant
Planet Futbol, Av. Europa, S/N
Plaza, Av. Marítima, S/N
Polygon Bar. Paloma Beach. Los Cristianos
Pub Railway Tabern, Gran Bretaña, S/N
Royal Clipper Bar, Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina, S/N
Sax Bar. The Patch
Scotch Corner. San Eugenio
Selene Masajes Y Saunas, Víctor Zurita Soler, 1
Servitropic S.L., Av. Madroñal, S/N
Shenanigan’s Cabaret & Showbar, The Patch
Reviews 1
Silverballprocom, S.L., Colón, S/N
Sisplau Invest S.L., Av. Américas, S/N
Stagedoor. The Patch
Summer Nights. El Mirador. Los Cristianos
Swashbucklers Tavern. Los Cristianos
Taylors Lounge. Los Cristianos
Tigre Tigre , El Camison
The Carvery, Island Village
The Irish Fiddler, Los Geranios, San Eugenio
The Irish Welcome, Edf Bahia, Los Cristianos
The King & I, Local 12b, Garden City San Eugenio
The News Café. Torviscas.
The Office. Calle Europa. San Eugenio Alto
The Plough C.B., Valencia, S/N
The Railway Tavern. The Patch
The Rum Pot. Torviscas
The Sun Inn, Sunset Bay , Torviscas
The Terrace Bar. Malibu Park Hotel. San Eugenio Alto
The Toby Jog. San Eugenio
The Whiskey Jar
Top Bar, Av. Noelia Afonso Cabrera, 6
Torviscas Water Sports S.L., Av. Ernesto Sarti, S/N
Tramps, Starco Centre
Tudor Rose, Islandia, S/N
Velevet, Av. Los Pueblos, S/N
Verdes, San Eugenio
Wetherspoons, Torres de Yomely
Wigan Pier, Torres del Yomely
Yates, Torres de Yomely
Zambagara S.L., Av. Ernesto Sarti, 9

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