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Playa de Las Americas

Night time in Playa de Las Americas, Tenerife, is where just about anything goes, especially during the busiest period – from mid June to mid September.

The place to head for is the central stretch of “Veronicas”. Here you’ll find the busiest and best club nights, while revellers and partygoers line the streets until the early hours. Top tunes are played in the bars, as well as the clubs, and host DJs are flown in from around the planet for special events.This is definitely an island where a siesta is a good idea… so you can keep going with the best of them through to the early hours.

The resort is hardly Canarian at all, and is full of fish & chip shops, and fast food outlets. It’s also highly worth recommending The Patch, and Starco Commercial Centre. The Patch offers a more family oriented environment, with a commercial centre that has plenty of restaurants, bars and shops. If cabaret and karaoke are your choice, then you won’t be disappointed here. Children are made to feel extremely welcome, and are encouraged to get interactive with the entertainment on offer.

This is not a resort for those seeking a quiet time. No, it is definitely for those wanting wild nights, loud music, boisterous entertainment, and a medley of nationalities all rubbing shoulders in their quest for excitement and partying.

The resort was started in the 1960s, and has since grown considerably to become a mecca for party-lovers the world over. The beaches offer a range of water based activities, and the scuba diving there is a must.

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