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Situated on the northwest coast of Tenerife, Puerto de La Cruz is the most popular resort in that area of the Island, just 35km from Santa Cruz.


Although it is a little short on beaches it offers everything else that you may need. It was originally a small fishing village but now is host to a plethora of bars, restaurants, shops and even a casino. There really are plenty of bars in Puerto del La Cruz

The beaches are both natural, and are covered in black volcanic sand, which is typical of many beaches in this part of the world. They are not always suitable for swimming in, as the tide can be quite strong. This is because of a lack of a natural reef. However, a man made seawater swimming pool was designed by Cesar Manrique, a Lanzarote artist now sadly deceased, and it is situated just a couple of hundred yards from the shore.

The main strip, Avenida de Colon, leads off to a maze of side-streets, lined with shops selling bargains such as alcohol, jewellery and lace. The town’s traditional main square should be visited, to experience the buzzing atmosphere. The old part of the town remains charmingly innocent and unchanged.

Plaza de Charco is populated in the evenings by a number of street artists, and is ideal for having a drink, whilst people watching for a couple of hours.

Puerto de La Cruz is not so driven by tourism as some of the other resorts. So although it can certainly more than cater for it’s many visitors… it still has a high number of residents living in the centre. this ensures that it keeps it’s original feel, and makes it a really special place to visit.

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Featured bars, restaurants and cafes in Puerto de La Cruz and the surrounding areas

Restaurante Bodegon Matias. Ctra Gral del Teide. Calle Guanche, 2. Los Piños. Orotava

Map of featured bars, restaurants and cafes in Puerto de La Cruz and the surrounding areas

Bars and Restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz
Adoralamar S.L., La Hoya, 4
Apricot, Aceviño, S/N
Arepera La Carajita, La Cooperativa, 11
Bahamas, Av. Venezuela, 4
Bar Alberto, Malpaís, 5
Bar Ana Maria, Las Lonjas, 4
Bar Cafeteria El Pozo, Pozo, 28
Bar Cafeteria Olimpia, Pl. Charco, S/N
Bar Cruz del Rayo, Cno. Piedras Blancas, 8
Bar Deisy, Dr. Ingram, 20
Bar La Colmena, Ifara, 7
Bar La Colmena, Sebastián Padrón Acosta, S/N
Bar Rokefeler, Mazaroco, 6
Bar Same1, Av. Melchor Luz, Local Nº 11
Bar Tinerce, Ctra. Vera-Realejos, 38
Bella Mar, Pitera, 47
Berlin, Av. Venezuela, 11
Billares Garviana, Av. José María del Campo Llarena, S/N
Bistro de Yves, Blanco, 3
Bistro, Av. Generalísimo, 8
Cafe Alba, Pitera, 5
Cafe Paris, Av. Colón, 2
Cafe Puerto Alto, Ctra. Gral. Puerto de La Cruz-Las Arenas, S/N
Cafeteria Heme, Av. Marqués Villanueva del Prado, S/N
Cafeteria Iris, Pozo, S/N
Cafeteria Mavi, Av. Marqués Villanueva del Prado, 12
Cafeteria Poncho, Av. Colón, 14
Cafeteria Trebol, Camelia, S/N
Campito, Av. Generalísimo, S/N
Candelaria de Leon Perdomo, Cno. Cabras, 8
Carlos Castilla Perez, Av. Archipiélago Canario, S/N
Carolina Gonzalez Toledo, Zamora, 8
Casa Antigua, San Felipe, 95
Casa Lala, Cno. Durazno, 33
Casa Mediterranea, Benjamín Miranda, 5
Casa Pepe, Av. Marqués Villanueva del Prado, 26
Casa Regulo, Pérez Zamora, 16
Caseral, Ctra. Gral. Puerto de La Cruz-Las Arenas, S/N
Casino de Taoro S.A., Av. Colón, S/N Bjs
Central Park, Av. Hermanos Fernández Perdigón, S/N
Centro de Localizacion de Madrid S.L., San Telmo, 26
Cerveceria City, Aceviño, 7
China Iii, Prto. Viejo, 2
Chino Internacional, Av. Colón, 14
Compostelana Plaza, Pl. Charco, 10
Compostelana, Av. Venezuela, 5
Costa de Oro, Ctra. Botánico, 14
Costa Martianez, Av. Colón, S/N
Di Laura, Mequínez, 20
Dos Mil. Aceviño, 2
El Caldoso, Acaimo, 7
El Casino, Iriarte, 1
El Casino, Ratiño, 5
El Duende, Cno. Cañón, 41
El Gallego, Av. Generalísimo, 1
El Jardin, Mequínez, 6
El Padrino, Lomo, 17
El Peñon, Av. José María del Campo Llarena, 1
El Pescador, Pérez Zamora, 21
El Pescao, Uruguay, 5
El Rincon Canario, Cruz Verde, 2
El Techo de Paja, Av. Generalísimo, 11
El Valle Hamburgueseria, Cno. Malteveo, 23
Estrella Azul, El Peñón, 2-A
Europa, Retama, 3
Explotaciones Turisticas Jonathan S.L., Av. Generalísimo, 34
Facultad, Perdomo, 1
Felipe, Ctra. Vera-Realejos, 19
Forum, Luis de La Cruz, 10
Granada, San Felipe, 39
Grande Slim, Av. Marqués Villanueva del Prado, 9
Guatativoan, Av. Colón, 3
Hay Lo Que Hay, Ctra. Gral. Puerto de La Cruz-Las Arenas, S/N
Hong Kong, Aceviño, S/N
Iberia, Av. Venezuela, 10
IL Pappagallo, Avda Richard J Yeoward, 1.
Jardin, Av. Francisco Afonso Carrillo, S/N
Juan Antonio Garcia Hernandez, Ctra. Este, 13
La Boheme, Blanco, 5
La Casa Gallega, Prto. Viejo, 18
La Casona, Pl. Charco, 13
La Cazuela, Av. Colón, 12
La Colmena, La Hoya, 25
La Fragata, La Marina, 5
La Gañania, Cno. Durazno, 71
La Guapa, Prto. Viejo, 21
La Herreria, Cologán, 7
La Isla Fisch Fiite, Esquivel, 6
La Nueva Farola, Ctra. Gral. Puerto de La Cruz-Las Arenas, 75
La Paella, Perú, 4
La Palmera Real, Av. Richard Yeoward, 1
La Parrilla, Avda Richard J Yeoward, 1
La Papaya, Lomo, 10
La Parrilla, Av. Richard Yeoward, 1
La Paz, Aceviño, S/N
La Salina Express, Pl. Europa, 12
La Sangria, Prto. Viejo, 42
La Taberna de Bacco, Ctra. El Botánico, S/N
La Trainera, San Juan, 12
Labragam Tfn S.L., Iriarte, 31
Los Faroles, Av. Francisco Afonso Carrillo, S/N
Los Gemelos, El Peñón, 4
Magnolia, Av. Marqués Villanueva del Prado, 5
Mamma Rosa, Lomo, 4
Mancafete S.L., San Telmo, 3
Marbore, Prto. Viejo, 32
Marisqueria Restaurante Mario, Pl. Charco, 12
Marte Restaurante, Dr. Ingram, 20
Mazaroco, Pozo, 8
Mcdowell, Av. Archipiélago Canario, S/N
Mojo de Gilantro, Ctra. Botánico, 6
Mojo Picon, Av. Francisco Afonso Carrillo, 1
Napolitana, Av. Generalísimo, 25
Nido, Prto. Viejo, 25
O´Horreo Galego, San Felipe, 34
Oasis Centro, San Juan, 18
Oregon, Mequínez, 1
Palatino, Lomo, 28
Paso Doble, Av. Marqués Villanueva del Prado, S/N
Pato Laqueado Pekin, Aceviño, 14
Peruano Restaurante, Pozo, 18
Petit Los Angeles, Antonio Ruiz Álvarez, 38
Piroska, Av. Generalísimo, S/N
Pizzeria Aldo Ii, Av. Colón, 14
Poco Loco, P.º Dragos, 7
Pomodoro, San Telmo, S/N
Poncho. Av. Colón, 14
Portofino, Av. Generalísimo, 4
Puerto Playa, P.º Luis Lavaggi, 2
Puerto Santiago Administraciones S.L., Av. Generalísimo, 16
Puesto Fijo, Santo Domingo, 6
Punta Brava, Bencomo, 64
Rancho Grande, San Telmo, 10
Regi, Av. Melchor Luz, 2
Regulo, Calle Perez Zamora , 16
Restaurante Chino Mandarínla Mejor Comida China., C. Com. Hotel Puerto Palas, S/N
Rincon de Malala, Prto. Viejo, 37
Rodano Tenerife S.L.U., Av. Colón, S/N
Rodano Tenerife S.L.U., Av. Francisco Afonso Carrillo, S/N
Salinas, Pl. Europa, 12
Samet 2, Av. Hermanos Fernández Perdigón, 7
San Antonio, Ctra. Gral. Puerto de La Cruz-Las Arenas, 30
Shanghay, Cno. San Amaro, 15
Sumeria Brasil, Av. Marqués Villanueva del Prado, S/N
Taoro Restaurante, Ctra. Taoro, 22
Tasca Alanda, Av. Francisco Afonso Carrillo, S/N
Tasca Serie 5, Ctra. Gral. Puerto de La Cruz-Las Arenas, S/N
Telepizza, Valóis, 18
The Blue Lagoon, Czda. Martiánez, 15-17
The Oriental, Av. Richard Yeoward, 1
Tiroler – Alm, Aceviño, 32
Track, Pl. Charco, 1
Trattoria La Atalaya, Dinamarca, 3
Tressardi, Aceviño, 4
Tumbalo Si Puedes S.L., Av. Venezuela, 6
Ver Ficha, del Lomo, 23
Zebra, Blanco, 12
Zumeria El Limon, Esquivel, 4
Zumeria El Limon, Teobaldo Power, 28
Zun Esk, Cno. San Amaro, 1

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Photographs on this page used with permission from Wikipedia

Puerto de La Cruz, TenerifePuerto de La Cruz, TenerifePuerto de La Cruz, Tenerife

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