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For bars in Faro Park, Playa Blanca – visitors and residents have a real treat in the shape of The Snug Bar, right in the heart of Faro Park itself. It also affords really easy access from Goleta and Shangri-la, and everywhere to the west of Montaña Roja. Go visit, and find out about the secrets Faro Park has been guarding so fiercely.

The Snug, Playa Blanca has become a firm favourite with locals and visitors. Here are the latest fun nights they have already happening!

Monday nights: Poker League.
Tuesday nights: Crib
Thursday nights: Ladies’ poker night
Friday nights: Racing fun
Saturday nights: X-Factor (until Christmas 2008)

They also have regular events planned… such as their very popular Chinese nights, where everyone meets for drinks at The Snug, before getting a coach to Arrecife. They have drinks at the bar in The Grand Hotel (whilst enjoying the views from the tallest building in Lanzarote), and then have a great Chinese meal in Arrecife. It’s back to The Snug for about 11:30pm, for more drinks until about 2am. There are always parties organized. Halloween, Christmas Eve, New Year’s, Summer Solstice, Oscars – and much more! Keep checking the forum for more information.

For the kids there are all sorts of fun board games and card games… so your children will be happy too. They have their own pool table out on the terrace too… which is just €1 per game!!

John and Julie endeavour constantly to keep this friendly Playa Blanca pub as close to your local back in England as possible… and they’ve certainly got the recipe right. There are your favourite beers on draught – including Guinness that is actually brewed in Ireland (instead of Spain), and which is revered by many who say it’s the best pint of the black stuff in the resort. On Sunday lunchtimes they pile on lots of roast potatoes – always good with plenty of salt.

You can book big game fishing at The Snug, on the Blue Delfin. For sports fans they show all the best sports: football, Grand Prix, golf, darts, boxing and more… as they have Showtime, Digitalb, and Sky Sports (Setanta coming soon)

Each month there is a fun quiz competition. In November 2008 for example, it’s to guess how much money is in the bottle on the bar. Go try your luck!

The Snug is air conditioned indoors, to keep the heat off indoors, or you can stretch out on the sun terrace and watch the world go by. There’s plenty of parking, or you can get the bus there – which drops you almost at the door. A taxi from the centre of town should only cost €3 – €4… so there’s no excuse for you not to go and visit.

It’s always fun at The Snug – it’s your home from home!

The Snug. Playa Blanca. LanzaroteThe Snug. Playa Blanca. Lanzarote

The Snug. Playa Blanca. Lanzarote

The Snug. Playa Blanca. Lanzarote

The Snug. Playa Blanca. Lanzarote

The Snug. Playa Blanca. Lanzarote

The Snug. Playa Blanca. Lanzarote

The Snug. Playa Blanca. Lanzarote

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