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Fancy a party? Then head to Waikiki in Corralejo and you won’t be disappointed. This place is bouncing with live entertainment, the best music, and all the cocktails and drinks you could possibly wish for. In 2012, Waikiki celebrated its 25th anniversary… and it is its constant evolution that keeps it open and popular.

This is a nice and safe place on the beach for all the family where everyone could enjoy having a meal in the restaurant or join in with the dancing, drinking refreshing cocktails and having fun on the Disco Terrace. There are early entertaiment shows, live sports on big screens and an amazing dancefloor… unmissable.

The entertainment is varied and of the highest standard – and there is also internet so you can let everyone know about your fabulous holiday in Corralejo.

There is a nice and big menu of cocktails with special dedication to the tropical flavours and clasic mixings like Long Island Iced Tea, Mojito, Pinha Colada or Caipirinha

Food isn’t omitted either. with an International Menu with special meals…nice breakfast, excellent snacks of burgers and sandwiches, as well as fresh fish and meat… you can just taste it

Waikiki bar, Corralejo, Fuerteventura waikiki-fuerteventura-011waikiki-fuerteventura-010 waikiki-fuerteventura-009 waikiki-fuerteventura-008 waikiki-fuerteventura-005 waikiki-fuerteventura-006 waikiki-fuerteventura-007 waikiki-fuerteventura-003 waikiki-fuerteventura-002  Waikiki bar, Corralejo, Fuerteventura
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